‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Makes Emotional Call-to-Action After Friend’s Tragic Loss

by Keeli Parkey

A person very close to one of the stars of “Blue Bloods” suffered a personal loss very recently. And because of the tragedy, this star of the CBS drama is asking her followers on social media to financially support her friend.

This “Blue Bloods” star is Vanessa Ray. She plays New York City Police Department officer Eddie Janko in “Blue Bloods.”

Ray shared details about her friend’s tragic loss on social media on Sunday, Sept. 12. “This is Nina. She’s one of my most dear. Today Nina and her family suffered the unthinkable; the loss of her sister, Shana,” Ray posted on Instagram.

The “Blue Bloods” star then shared details about Shana’s family and the situation they have found themselves in following Shana’s shocking death.

“This all happened so suddenly and the financial burden Shana’s husband, 3 little babies and family now face seams (sic) insurmountable,” Vanessa Ray also shared.

According to the actress, her friend’s family is struggling after Nina passed away because she did not have life insurance. Ray said this lack of life insurance was not Nina’s fault.

“Shana was not eligible for life insurance due to a pre existing (sic) condition, ain’t that some s***,” the “Blue Bloods” actress also said.

You can see the sweet friendship photo shared by Vanessa Ray below.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Encourages Fans to Support Her Friend’s Family

While describing the sadness of her friend’s loss, Vanessa Ray also shared an emotional call-to-action to her Instagram followers. Ray clearly wants to provide as much assistance as possible to her friend’s family while they mourn their tragic loss. The actress hopes to see even small donations come in to support them.

“The family has set up a @gofundme account in her name. Please go read her story and consider donating. Any amount, even $5, will help,” Ray posted.

The “Blue Bloods” actress also encouraged her followers to do what they can to offer some support to her beloved friend and her family. She also acknowledged that they will be mourning for a “long time.”

“I know that it will be a long time before we see our friend giggle like this again, but if all of you can help lift her up in any way right now I’d really appreciate it,” Vanessa Ray shared.

The actress closed her social media post with words of encouragement for her close friend during this very sad time. “Love you my sweet @yaynina my heart is with you now and always,” the “Blue Bloods” star also shared.

According to the GoFundMe page dedicated to the family of Ray’s friend, a goal of $100,000 has been set. As of 10:30 p.m. (Eastern time) on Sunday, Sept. 12, almost $34,000 has been raised.