‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray’s Real Husband Came To Eddie Janko’s Wedding Dress Fitting: ‘It Was a Collaboration’

by Amy Myers

Before Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) became a member of the Reagan family, Blue Bloods fans held their breath each time she and Jamie (Will Estes) would appear together. Finally, when that fateful moment arrived and the two became more than just partners, the entire fandom celebrated, bestowing the couple with the hashtag #jamko. The episode that featured their wedding epitomized what Blue Bloods is about–devotion to family and to the safety of all.

Behind the scenes, a lot of prep work had to happen to make the episode possible. Even Eddie’s dress was a complex project. Blue Bloods actress Vannessa Ray’s husband even attended the fittings to offer some advice.

“[My husband] really did give his two cents. It was a collaboration,” Ray told CBS Watch!

She then described how her dress on the show differed from her wedding dress in real life.

“When I actually got married it was a nontraditional dress. This is the complete opposite; it’s very traditional. Mine was pale pink with a green muslin skirt and a separate fitted top. It was a very hippie-girl-in-the-trees kind of feel,” the Blue Bloods star explained.

With Ray’s husband third-wheeling the #jamko fitting, you would think it would be awkward between the three of them. But off-screen, the Blue Bloods co-stars are adamant that the romance stops once the cameras are off.

‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Explain They’re ‘Married Without the Romance’

While #jamko fans may hope that the couple continues their relationship off-set, Ray and Estes are perfectly content as close friends. In fact, the Blue Bloods stars shared that they initially didn’t want to become a romantic couple on the show.

“There was pushback because we thought, If you put us together, then where do we go from there?” Ray shared. Estes apparently was on the same page, too.

“Once they got together, the story was over,” Estes said. “The anticipation is so much better than the monster—that’s what Hitchcock taught us. So we were nervous about what it was going to mean once we were together.”

The Blue Bloods actor added, “We just do what they tell us. We talked to them about not wanting to do anything mushy. They said they didn’t want to change the dynamic.”

Ray even reported that sharing their first couple of kisses was a bit uncomfortable.

“Because we’d become friends at that point,” Ray explained. “We’d spent a lot of hours together. We’re married without the romance.”

Although #jamko may never happen in real life, Ray and Estes do a phenomenal job of making the romance seem real when the cameras are rolling. They may be “married without the romance,” but the love they share as good friends is still very real, too.