‘Blue Bloods’: Vanessa Ray Revealed Why Eddie Sometimes ‘Resents’ the Reagans

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

It’s not easy being a Reagan on Blue Bloods. The family is all in law enforcement and a lot of them work together. It makes for a sometimes chaotic environment. One of the main characters involved with the family, Eddie, has a complicated relationship with the Blue Bloods family. Sometimes, she even resents them and Vanessa Ray spilled the beans as to why.

Ray told Hollywood Life, “Eddie had a beautiful relationship with her dad. It just turned out that she had to cover for him and she had to lie for him for all these years. So, to be with somebody who she doesn’t have to do that with is new to her, and I think there’s some times where she resents how lucky the Reagan’s are to have the life that they have.”

Eddie from Blue Bloods has a different view of the world than the Reagan family. Because of this difference, things can sometimes get complicated at the dinner table and the relationships on the show. Her dad was on the other side of the fence, or law, rather, and it was a rough situation for Eddie. She overcame it though.

Ray continued, “I think that’s difficult sometimes for her to not get to say everything she wants because she has to hold her tongue a lot of the time. She doesn’t relate to them. She doesn’t come from their world at all.”

Eddie doesn’t get it. How could she with how she group? She is in a different world all the time, but she is in it by herself because nobody else in the family understands where she is coming from. Sadly, she cannot change their views, so she has to keep things to herself sometimes. She wants some things that she simply cannot have on that program.

This issue makes Eddie such a compelling character. How long can she keep all this up with the Reagans before it all blows up? Only time will tell on Blue Bloods.

Vanessa Ray of ‘Blue Bloods’ And Charity

Ray is a busy actor. Not only does she star in the hit CBS show Blue Bloods, but she stays active in the community, which is what we’re thinking about this Thanksgiving season. Ways to give back and help the community and pay it forward.

Ray of Blue Bloods works at a youth actor’s camp. Funny enough, she got started volunteering there because she was a camper herself there many years ago. The camp is called the Young Actor’s Theatre Camp out in California and she hopes to work it again when it is possible and things open up again. Ray said, “Young Actors’ Theater Camp is very special place and I really look forward to them being able to open their doors again hopefully this summer.”

You can watch Ray on Blue Bloods on CBS.