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‘Blue Bloods’: Vanessa Ray Explained Why Show’s Stories Aren’t ‘Ripped’ from Headlines

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

One of the reasons that police drama “Blue Bloods” is so compelling is because the storylines feel real. Each character is developed into a complex person with a unique and realistic backstory. The series works because it’s something visceral. And that’s largely because the plot lines aren’t ‘ripped’ from headlining stories, according to star Vanessa Ray.

Coming into the show in its fourth season, Ray portrays Officer Eddie Janko. She has a complex relationship with Jamie Reagan (who she gets engaged to) as they navigate both their personal and professional careers. It’s a relationship she’s ‘rooting for’ along with all the “Blue Bloods” fans.

However, the relationship is punctuated with details that make the couple relatable. Which is why Ray says the character is so fun to play.

In a 2018 interview with Long Island Weekly, the actress opened up about how the writers get their story ideas.

“So many of our story lines are pulled straight from experiences from law enforcement,” said Ray. “We’re not a ripped-from-the-headlines kind of show. We’re definitely more of a personal experience kind of show. We tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. We don’t tell you what to think,” the “Blue Bloods” star says.

While the episodes aren’t scripted by headlining news, Ray says they still highlight important real world issues.

“It definitely was ahead of its time because it really talked about matters that are very much in the press right now,” explained Ray. 

Now more than a decade in, Ray still feels that the show is continuing to explore relatable characters and intriguing plots.

The “Blue Bloods” actress grew up in Livermore, California and has starred in a number of Broadway and TV series. These include “Suits,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “As the World Turns.”

“Blue Bloods” Actress Shares Warming Details About Working with Tom Selleck

While each of the “Blue Bloods” actors are stars in their own right – each with great acting backgrounds – perhaps none are more famous than Tom Selleck. The leader of the Reagans is a regular household name and has been for years.

Vanessa Ray shared how working with the actor is such an amazing experience.

“We get to work with this amazing actor, that’s something that we don’t talk about enough, we talk about this incredible career and all these things but he’s an amazing actor,” the actress shares.

She goes on to say:

“He’s a total actor’s actor. So he would never give anybody notes, but he’ll give you like a, ‘You know, I was thinking that I was going to do it this way, and I wonder how your character would react if I did something this way.'”