‘Blue Bloods’: Watch Tom Selleck Appear on Dolly Parton’s Talk Show in the 1980s

by Katie Maloney

There’s isn’t a whole lot that’s better than watching Dolly Parton flirt with Tom Selleck.

And that’s exactly what she did during her variety show called Dolly. The show aired from 1987-88 and featured countless celebrity guest appearances, including Tom Selleck. And when you combine a southern firecracker like Dolly Parton with an ’80s heartthrob like Tom Selleck, sparks are bound to fly.

During a segment of the show, Dolly Parton sat on a stool facing the audience and answered any questions they had. As she was wrapping up the segment she asked, “Alright, does anyone else have any questions for me?” Suddenly, Tom Selleck stood up and said “Excuse me, pardon me, is it too late to ask a question?” Dolly acted surprised and exclaimed, “Look who it is? Come on up!”

Dolly invited Tom Selleck up on stage. She said, “You can ask me anything. I’m sure the answer will be yes.” Tom burst out laughing at this. He replied, “Well, I was afraid you wouldn’t recognize me.”

And Dolly, with her famous wit, quipped, “Well you know that’s very possible. Because hardly anybody sees you with long pants.” She then turned to the audience and asked, “We want him to feel comfortable, don’t we?” Then she turned back to Tom and said, “Why don’t you take them off?”

Tom Selleck blushed at that and Dolly assured him that she was only joking. But the two’s banter continued. They talked about how Dolly did a show in Hawaii and borrowed Tom’s mobile dressing room. Tom said that Dolly left something in the dressing room. And he pulled out sequined lingerie with the initials “D.P.” sewn into them.

“I just wanted to return this,” said Tom. “I’d like to see the whole outfit though.” Dolly grabbed the lingerie away from him. She said “That is the whole outfit!”

Tom Selleck on Dolly Parton’s television show.

Tom Selleck and Dolly Parton Kissed

Dolly then made a pact with Tom. She said, “The next time you’re in Hollywood and you need a dressing room, you can use mine. There’s only one catch, I’m going to be in it.” The whole audience cheered and laughed. Tom Selleck said, “Well, that’s what I call southern hospitality.”

The two ended the segment with a kiss! Tom Selleck said, “First, I want to give a very special something to a very special lady.” He leaned in and kissed Dolly Parton on the cheek. The whole crowd cheered and Tom exited the stage. Now, that is an iconic celebrity moment. Can we please revive Dolly Parton’s variety show?!