‘Blue Bloods’ Welcomes Viewers to Reagan Family Dinner with New Pic

by Megan Molseed

Every week, the Blue Bloods Reagan clan comes together for one very important event: the Reagan family dinners.

So, what better way for the hit CBS series to invite their fans to catch the latest Blue Bloods episode than to invite viewers to the most recent Reagan family dinner? Especially as it begins streaming on Paramount Plus.

“We talk. We Listen,” notes the Blue Bloods Twitter page.

“We’re in this together” @BlueBloods_CBS continued in the Sunday morning tweet. “Watch the latest episode of #BlueBloods now on @ParamountPlus”

And, this would always be an exciting invitation.

After all, these get-togethers are some of Blue Bloods watcher’s favorite moments.

The Reagan family dinners have become iconic moments in the series as we see Frank Reagan, his sons Danny and Jamie, and his daughter Erin come together each week for the event.

Of course, the Reagan family dinner table is always full on Blue Bloods with the children, spouses, and other important people joining each week for a nice meal. And, of course, for some very lively discussions.

However, this particular family dinner featured in the Sunday morning tweet is an especially exciting one. Why? Well, because it is the premiere Reagan family dinner. The one featured in last Friday’s Blue Bloods twelfth season premiere episode.

The Reagan’s Are Facing Some Difficult Cases

As each member of the Reagan clan came to the table at the end of the premiere episode, frustrations were flying high. Particularly those of Joe Reagan’s wife, Edie Janko who is portrayed by Vanessa Ray.

In a surprising moment, Eddie Janko asks if anyone in the Reagan family – whose lives center around law enforcement – has ever considered quitting.

And, surprisingly, each one of the family members who responded said that they had at one point considered it.

This scene was especially raw as the discussion comes after what each one of them had experienced before coming together for the family dinner.

‘Blue Bloods’ Season Twelve Starts Some Big Storylines

In the premiere episode, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partner Maria Baez work together to solve the shooting death of a young child. A disturbing case for the detective all around.

But it’s one that hits especially close to home as Danny is a father himself.

Meanwhile, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) who serves as the New York City police commissioner, is having a hard time facing a sharp rise in New York City’s crime.

Particularly in relation to a horrific shooting on a city bus. The shooting is one that leads to multiple injuries…and the death of a young child.

At the same time, the New York City Assistant District Attorney, Erin, who is portrayed by Bridget Moynahan decides to reopen a cold case that involves her own boss, Kimberly.

In a move that she thought would be helpful, Erin ends up unearthing information that incriminates someone Kimberly loves…and learning the full story of what really happened that fateful day.

So, it’s no wonder that each one of the Reagan’s approached the family dinner table at the end of the season twelve premiere feeling quite a bit of frustration.

The Blue Bloods season twelve debut episode, “Hate is Hate” premiered last Friday on October 1. To an amazing number of viewers.

In total, the premiere episode of the popular CBS drama brought in an amazing number of viewers…5.98 million for the evening. It is now available to stream on Paramount Plus.