‘Blue Bloods’: What are Abigail Hawk’s Favorite Episodes of Show?

by Anna Dunn

Abigail Hawk has been on Blue Bloods playing Abigail Baker since the very first season. It’s safe to say that a lot of episodes really stick out to her. She recently listed some of her favorites.

One episode that really stuck out to her was an episode directed by Donnie Wahlberg called Manhattan Queens. In the episode, Abigail Hawk’s character takes on a heckler within the Suffolk County PD.

“We were at like a conference and I was up there, and I had that ‘itty bitty contraband’ line, ‘He said something about wanting Baker to practice ‘Stop and Frisk’ on him and I instantly shut him down with that very memorable line, ‘Experience has taught us Stop and Frisk is highly ineffective when it comes to finding the itty bitty contraband.’ I can’t. It’s just so amazing. It’s the best writing,” she explained to Starrymag in early January.

While it’s one of her favorite episodes, it definitely seems like it’s Hawk’s all-time favorite line.

“I love it so much I’m probably going to get it tattooed on my rib cage after this is all over just to remember how amazing she is,” Hawk said. But she also has other favorite episodes that really stick out to her.

Another Of Hawk’s Favorite ‘Blue Bloods’ Episodes Explored Baker’s Relationship With Frank

“The other one was when Baker got offered a job at IAB and Frank realized he needed to let her realize why it was not a good thing that she was being offered the job since it was so that person could get an in with the Commissioner rather than on her own merit,” Hawk explained.

Frank Reagan and Abigail Hawk have been working together for years, and the bond of mutual respect and support they’ve gained with each other while working together is quite interesting. The two almost treat each other like family members.

“So, he realized he couldn’t say no. She had to figure it out for herself,” she explained. “And I love that because they have such a mutual respect. And the episode ended with us drinking whiskey together in a bar and not looking at each other and being mad at each other. It was great. It was fun!”

Abigail Hawk along with the rest of the Blue Bloods cast are filming season 12 right now. Season 12 will see plenty more of Abigail and welcome back all of the fan-favorite main characters from last year. Producers have teased that the upcoming season will explore Eddie and Jamie as they climb their career ladders as well as other plot points that fans should love.

If you want to catch season 12, the wait isn’t too long anymore. Season 12 of Blue Bloods airs on October 1st of this year on CBS. It’ll remain in the same Friday timeslot.