‘Blue Bloods’: What Tom Selleck Considers His Character’s ‘Real Dilemma’ on the Show

by Katie Maloney

Frank Reagan deals with a lot on “Blue Bloods.” But actor Tom Selleck once revealed what his character’s “real dilemma” is on the show.

Anyone who watches “Blue Bloods” knows that the Reagan family lives by the rank and file. They do what they feel they need to do for their jobs, even if it’s not what their fellow family members feel they should be doing. While watching Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan work as NYPD Police Commissioner, you’d think he was born for the job. And that may have been true. But that doesn’t mean Frank wanted the job. In fact, during an interview in 2020 Tom Selleck talked about the way his character deeply wished he could be back on the street as a “cop’s cop.”

“A couple things have happened over the course of the 10 years. He’s picked fights, hoping somebody would fire him. They may be fights on principle, but he did not want this job; he was drafted,” said Selleck. “He was a real cop’s cop, and it was a solution to a corruption problem in the NYPD. So, he’s been on for a long time. I think people remember when he brought Gormley (actor Robert Clohessy) in, who was definitely a blue-collar cop. It was to stay in touch with the rank and file.”

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Selleck added that staying in touch with that rank and file has been one of Frank’s biggest dilemmas on the show. He gave an example of a time during the show when Frank has to decide whether or not to be lenient with the head of the police union’s son.

“In this instance, the head of the police union’s son screwed up. But it causes Frank to reflect on the way he reacts. Is this a considered thing? Or the wear and the tear and the weight on his shoulders has caused him to bend? And if he has, if he’s just a CEO of cops, if he just delivers orders and he doesn’t understand the rank and file. Then it’s time for him to leave,” said Selleck. “And, obviously, Garrett (actor Gregory Jbara) and Gormley in that scene say, ‘Look, you brought us on. We’ve known you a long time. That’s not what’s happening here and you need to know that.’ That’s Frank’s real dilemma in that show.”

The dilemma has been an interesting one to watch Frank navigate over the 11 seasons of “Blue Bloods.” We can’t wait to see what other incidents get thrown Frank’s way, and how he deals with them.