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‘Blue Bloods’: What Were Abigail Hawk’s Biggest Roles Before Joining Show?

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

For more than a decade now, Abigail Hawk has starred as Detective Abigail Baker on CBS‘s hit crime drama Blue Bloods. While fans of the show know the actress well, they may not realize how many other TV shows and movies she’s been a part of in her career.

Main character Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and his Reagan family members are some of the longest tenured roles on Blue Bloods. But Detective Baker is one of a handful of non-family members that date back to the original cast. The CBS drama has aired since 2010, but fans of the show may want to check out the rest of Hawk’s filmography.

According to Hawk’s profile on IMDB’s website, she has five projects that are currently in various stages of production. She’s obviously been busy in recent history, but her career dates back much longer than most probably expect.

The 36-year-old Chicago native got her first big break at only 10 years old. She starred in the 1995 TV series Reality Check alongside Ryan Seacrest, but it only lasted 14 episodes before being canceled. Surprisingly, her next role didn’t come for another 12 years when she had an uncredited role in the 2007 film Across the Universe.

Of course, a few years later in 2010, Hawk landed her Blue Bloods role, which she is still performing to this day. But between working on episodes of the hit drama, she accepted other bit roles on numerous TV shows. She had roles in Body of Proof in 2011, Are We There Yet? in 2012, and The Jim Gaffigan Show in 2015.

Additionally, Hawk has starred in two Christmas movies, including 2016’s A Christmas in Vermont alongside comedic legend Chevy Chase. She also had a role in a 2018 episode of Law & Order: SVU.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Rewrote a Scene for Abigail Hawk

Considering the core cast of Blue Bloods has been working together for over a decade, it shouldn’t be a surprise they’re a tight-knit unit. Sometimes those relationships come in handy, especially when you’re going into labor.

That’s what happened to Abigail Hawk when she was going through labor and about to deliver her son. According to Looper, Tom Selleck went out of his way to accommodate Hawk when she couldn’t perform one particular scene. He decided to completely rewrite the scene since she was so close to giving birth. In fact, she went into labor in the middle of filming.

“Tom Selleck literally rewrote a scene around the delivery of my son, which is a pretty awesome legacy,” Hawk said of her Blue Bloods castmate.

Hawk went on to highlight how generous the cast and crew of the show is, especially before she gave birth. She called everyone that works on the CBS drama a “big family.”

“We really are a big family,” Hawk explained. “Just having other moms understanding how fatigued I was. Making sure that the bags underneath my eyes were taken care of. Just little things like that…It’s been a wonderful, wonderful time.”