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‘Blue Bloods’: What Were Bridget Moynahan’s Biggest Roles Before Portraying Erin Reagan?

by John Jamison
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Since 2010, Bridget Moynahan has portrayed Erin Reagan-Boyle on the hit crime drama “Blue Bloods.” Her decision to play the role was somewhat surprising, considering the success she found in feature films throughout the 2000s. But the decision has paid off in more ways than one.

“Blue Bloods” co-star Donnie Wahlberg, who portrays Danny Reagan on the show, convinced Moynahan to take the role by promising her his paycheck if they didn’t end up filming on location in New York. Luckily for him, the show settled on New York, after all. But beyond the promise of incentive, Bridget Moynahan took the role for her own reasons. Among those was the ability to work consistently while still pursuing other roles in movies.

In recent years, fans may have recognized the “Blue Bloods” star in the fan-favorite shoot-em-up series “John Wick.” Moynahan appeared in both the 2014 original and the 2017 sequel, “John Wick: Chapter 2.” Before that, however, she found herself starring in major roles opposite some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Of course, much of this began with a seven-episode arc she did on “Sex and the City” from 1999-2000. Around the same time she appeared on the hit show, Moynahan starred as Rachel in the ensemble drama “Coyote Ugly.” From there, the sky was the limit.

She starred as Dr. Cathy Muller, the love interest of Ben Affleck’s Jack Ryan, in the 2002 Tom Clancy thriller “The Sum of All Fears.” Then, she shared the screen with Colin Farrell and Al Pacino in the 2003 CIA action thriller “The Recruit.” In 2004, the “Blue Bloods” star found herself opposite Will Smith in “I, Robot.” Rounding out an iconic four-year run, Moynahan starred in the 2005 Nicholas Cage-led action drama “Lord of War.”

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Begins Transition to TV

During this 2004-2006 period, the “Blue Bloods” star famously dated then-New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The short-lived relationship resulted in the pair having a child together. John is the NFL star’s oldest son.

Coincidental or not, it was around this time that Bridget Moynahan made a move back to television. She starred in the J.J. Abrams produced series “Six Degrees.” Even though the show only ran for a single season. In 2008, she made a couple of guest appearances on the comedy series “Eli Stone.”

Only two years later, she first appeared on “Blue Bloods.” In the first year following her debut on the Tom Selleck-led show, Moynahan was back to starring in feature films with her character Michele in “Battle Los Angeles.” From there, she appeared in a Christoper Meloni-driven film called “Small Time.”

Then it was “John Wick,” and that brings us to today. Bridget Moynahan continues to star on the long-running series “Blue Bloods.” And for now, there is no end in sight.