‘Blue Bloods’: What Will Baker’s Role Be?

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In the upcoming episode of Blue Bloods, things aren’t very cut and dry for Frank Reagan as he attempts to do some PR on a podcast. While he thinks he can get his name out there, Abigail Baker might have other advice.

The episode title Reality Check might give us some insight into the situation. There isn’t a lot of other clues here. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t infer some things. Tom Selleck‘s character is an older man in a younger world. As he debates about whether to go on a podcast, his team including Baker could speak up. There is a feeling that this might be a setup.

If this is a setup, the Blue Bloods NYPD Commissioner could end up doing more harm than good. Making sure the image of the department and Frank himself are positive is a challenge. Is the host of the show going to act in good faith or try to pressure Frank into a moment where he could say the wrong thing?

However it shakes out, Baker is going to have a voice in all of this. She used to be in the field, and more recently than the Commissioner. As his top aide, she has a responsibility to give him advice that will steer him in the right direction. Frank is always open to hearing opinions from those in his office and so it makes sense that he will once again turn to Baker for input.

Podcasts are everywhere and now they’re in Blue Bloods. Could we possibly get a family dinner discussion about them? Fans are eager to catch the new episode this week. There has been a small break due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and viewers want to see what is next for the Reagan family.

‘Blue Bloods’ Unlikely Partners Team Up

Over the course of Blue Bloods, relationships have been formed and dynamics set. Anthony Abetemarco is close with Erin. He always has been. So, fans would expect that he would be worried about her potential run for District Attorney. However, the Steve Schirripa character will team up with someone else next episode.

While Danny Reagan and Anthony don’t have the best relationship, they are going to have to make it work. This is going to be difficult on Abetemarco. The episode features one of his cousins, Joey. Joey is not in a good place and it looks like the two are going to have to use him to get to the bottom of something larger.

There have been moments when Blue Bloods characters have had to deal with family members. Being in law enforcement or in the courtroom can’t be easy during these times. Perhaps this will give Danny and Anthony a moment to get close to one another? Their dynamic is shaky at best, so it would be interesting to see development there.