‘Blue Bloods’: What’s Been the Best Season Finale So Far?

by Amy Myers

With eleven seasons already under the show’s belt, Blue Bloods fans are finding that their list of favorite episodes just keeps getting longer. And there seems to be a consensus that the Season 11 finale is at somewhere the top of the list.

As all Blue Bloods fans know, the show focuses on quite a few main characters within the Reagan family. The storyline for each episode winds us through the family’s endeavors with the backdrop of New York crime scenes. And even though most of the family members all work within law enforcement, their different responsibilities often keep them separated from one another.

So, when there’s a story arch that brings them all together, the episode feels especially important. And from the start of the final episode in Season 11, Blue Bloods fans knew it would take the strength of the whole family to overcome the challenge they faced.

‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 Finale Brings the Reagan Family Closer Together

When the Blue Bloods nephew and grandson, Joe Hill, returned to New York, already the family felt some tension. Hill, who was working undercover with the ATF, only told Jamie and Frank of his operation, leaving only Uncle Danny out of the loop. On top of that, Hill was the son of deceased son and brother, Joe Reagan, who died while working undercover as well. As a result, the Reagans feared that history would repeat itself and take another member of their family.

However, as the case and the Blue Bloods episode unfolded, and Hill’s situation became increasingly and aggressively more complex, we find that he shares many of the same qualities as his uncles and grandfather. Quick on his feet and calm in the face of danger, Hill escaped a burning vehicle and managed to lead his family to his location. But, if it weren’t for his buddy taking a bullet for him, the young cop likely would have suffered the same fate as his father.

Finale Concludes With a Classic Reagan Dinner Scene

Thankfully, though, Hill only received a non-fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen and recovered well. In the final moments of the season-ender, Hill joined the Reagans for a family dinner. As always, they shared a few laughs and a few moments of sincere gratitude for each other. And within their conversation, we not only saw normalcy restored, but a family transformed and expanded.

While discussing whether Hill would now be the “new black sheep of the family,” patriarch Frank shared a bit of wisdom that any of them could very well be a black sheep. He also remarked that Hill was truly “his father’s son.”

When Hill asked if that was a good thing, Frank confidently responded, “There is no better thing.”