‘Blue Bloods’: When Is the Season 12 Release Date?

by Brandi Stillings

“Blue Bloods” fans are now left with memories of season 11, along with cliff hangers to explain following the show’s finale. Now, the countdown begins for the premiere date of season 12. First, anticipating viewers need to know when exactly is their favorite crime drama coming back.

Meanwhile, per Looper, star Tom Selleck has publicly admitted that he doesn’t think the TV series isn’t going anywhere fast. There are many stories to come surrounding the Reagan family, so no worries as far as future seasons go.

However, they haven’t announced an official release date as of yet. More than likely, season 12 will premiere this coming fall. They’ve been known to start each previous series around the same time. Specifically, per Looper, seasons 1 through 10 have all debuted in September within the same year.

Besides season 11, which didn’t begin until December due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus also has become less of a widespread issue, which means the show’s normal schedule should return soon.

Since the hit CBS series has made Friday evening its home, it’s likely to remain in that timeslot. Another facet of the show, includes its total number of episodes. Again, the pandemic affected last season.

Season 11 episodes were decreased from their usual 22 or 23 to a disappointing low of only 16 shows to watch. Fortunately, “Blue Bloods” fans can assume the new season 12 will return to its usual count.

‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Cast Members

As of right now, “Blue Bloods” main characters are expected to return for season 12. Fan favorites, including the head of the family Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), his son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), and other assumed roles.

Some recurring roles should be back as well, per Looper, featuring actress Sami Gayle (playing Nicky Reagan-Boyle) and actor Andrew Terraciano as Danny’s son.

There are few unmentioned actors who don’t appear in every “Blue Bloods” episode. Although, that doesn’t mean they won’t be back for a Reagan family dinner at some point.

What to Expect For The Season 12 Plot?

Similar to other police procedural shows, “Blue Bloods” tends to use the same idea each week. As enthusiasts, viewers should know that this crime drama adds a little surprise factor to their plot.

Typically, each episode starts with a somewhat conflicting issue. Then, it leads to the Reagan family having to figure out who’s behind the crime.

Like in season 11, per Looper, when Frank’s secret son Joe was killed in the line of duty. Also, last season depicted more social issues related to police.

With that being said, who knows what to expect for season 12? Besides the fact, it’ll have new, more exciting plot lines with unexpected outcomes.