‘Blue Bloods’: Where Is Officer Rachel Witten?

by Shelby Scott

Some of CBS‘s most popular crime dramas have seen multiple transitions and transformations regarding cast members this fall season. Now, it appears “Blue Bloods” is undergoing a transition of its own. Currently, fans wonder where longtime recurring character Officer Rachel Witten, played by Lauren Marie Patten, has gone.

Well unfortunately Outsiders, it appears her Officer Whitten has withdrawn from the show for now. Although headlining character Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, gave the officer a year to consider her options. If you remember, Officer Rachel Witten took leave from the NYPD. Her leave came after she drew her weapon on a man who hit her from behind–ultimately demonstrating self-defense. Nevertheless, the incident went viral and she began receiving a lot of flack for it.

Now, according to CarterMatt, the mental and emotional stress of the situation and the job overall started to get to the character. They additionally pointed out that there were other things that the Whitten character wanted out of her life. Further, her former partner Eddie Janko has another new partner, signifying the current permanence of the character’s leave.

On the other hand, the outlet also touched on the actress’s real-life goings-on. Patten remains iconic for her “Blue Bloods” role. However, she also stars in the Broadway production, “Jagged Little Pill.”

And as the outlet pointed out, the reemergence of live theater means the actress will be quite busy as shows pick up.

So, for now, it seems Officer Whitten won’t be returning to “Blue Bloods” any time soon. Although at least we still have the potential for the character’s return.

‘Blue Bloods’ Navigates Eddie Janko’s New Partner

“Blue Bloods” fans will surely miss Whitten while she remains absent from the show. Nevertheless, her leave alters plotlines for one of the other main characters.

Officer Eddie Janko, has been left partnerless following her marriage to fellow NYPD law enforcement officer Jamie Reagan. Now, the character is paired with another partner and so far, things aren’t going well.

Janko met her new partner during Friday’s newest episode of “Blue Bloods,” identified as Officer Luis Badillo. While Janko butts heads with her latest team member, we’ve learned that Luis Badillo actually came recommended by none other than her husband, Jamie.

Ultimately, things become so tense between the new partners that Jamie has to break them apart. Of their new partnership, Jamie’s actor Will Estes said, “[Jamie] thought they would complement each other, but they’re like oil and water. Later, that will come to a head.”

So for now, it appears Janko is stuck with her new partner, left to navigate their difficulties. As we prepare for next week’s episode, we can’t help but wonder what new problems our beloved officer will face next.