‘Blue Bloods’: Where You Recognize Kelly Peterson From

by Joe Rutland

The CBS police show Blue Bloods will have many guest stars throughout its run. One character named Kelly Peterson was played by an actress.

Do you know where you might have seen this actress before her turn as Peterson? We’ll tell you that actress Bebe Neuwirth played this character on the show. Let’s get some details about her past work with a little boost from Looper.

Yes, she appeared on Cheers and Frasier as the wife of Frasier Crane, played by Kelsey Grammer. But the Blue Bloods actress was born in Newark, N.J. Neuwirth’s career started on Broadway in the 1980s and ’90s with shows like A Chorus Line, Sweet Charity, Chicago, and Damn Yankees. Heck, all of that work led her to win two Tony Awards.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Cemented Success on TV By Playing Lilith on NBC Sitcoms

In this time, Neuwirth also played Dr. Lilith Sternin. She was a fiercely intelligent psychiatrist first introduced as a date for Frasier. It was supposed to be a one-off turn for her on the sitcom.

The book Cheers TV Show: A Comprehensive Reference by Dennis Bjorklund states the Blue Bloods actress was just counting on a single episode turn. Show writers loved her work and had her back for Season 5 as a love interest for Frasier.

She would pick up two Emmy Awards for her work. Neuwirth also played Lilith on Wings, too. Remember he from Jumanji? Neuwirth had a role in the movie version of the board game.

Now, the Blue Bloods star did a turn in a movie titled Tadpole back in the early 2000s. It was a comedy where we see a 15-year-old boy “romancing” two middle-aged women. This is a film about a precocious teenage boy, played by Aaron Stanford, who only has eyes on older women. Besides Neuwirth, Sigourney Weaver also stars in the film.

It was a film that saw Neuwirth nominated for and even won several awards, including the Seattle Film Critics’ award for the best-supporting actress.

Actress Also Had Turn On Short-Lived ‘Law & Order’ Spinoff

Would you believe she also had a spot on a short-lived Law & Order spinoff? This one was called Trial by Jury and focused on preparations for a jury trial.

The show was canceled after one season. Neuwirth played Tracey Kibre, the homicide bureau chief for Manhattan’s district attorney.

She also appeared between 2014-17 on Madam Secretary as Nadine Tolliver. It was a political drama that starred Tea Leoni as Elizabeth “Bess” Adams McCord, the fictional secretary of state of the United States.

Blue Bloods will be taking a hiatus from new episodes soon. TV networks are adjusting their shows because of the Winter Olympics.