‘Blue Bloods’: Where You’ve Seen Baez Actress Marisa Ramirez Before

by Katie Maloney

You all know her as Baez, Danny Reagan’s partner on “Blue Bloods.” But actress Marisa Ramirez has appeared in several other television shows. Here’s where you’ve seen the actress before.

When She Landed Her First Police Role Before ‘Blue Bloods’

“Blue Bloods” isn’t Ramirez’s first police drama. In fact, she starred in another show called “Against the Wall.” The show aired for only one season on Lifetime in 2011. The show followed the main character Rachael Carpani who came from a family tradition of becoming a detective (sounds a lot like “Blue Bloods”, right?). However, the only place Carpani could find a job was with Internal Affairs. Naturally, this caused tension with her father and brothers who considered her a traitor for investigating police officers. During the show, Ramirez played Carpani’s partner. Ramirez’s acting skills on the show definitely proved that she had the chops to play Baez on “Blue Bloods.”

When She Starred In Soap Operas

If there’s one place that will prepare you for drama-filled episodes, it’s soap operas. And Ramirez had plenty of time to refine her dramatic talents during her time with “General Hospital” from 2000-2002. She played Gia Campbell, part of the “Teen Scene” on the show. She teamed up with other teens on the show to try and catch a suspected murderer. A few years later, Ramirez joined another soap opera from 2006-2007. She played Carmen Mesta / Ines Vargas on “The Young and The Restless.” During her time on the show, she had several affairs, broke-up marriages, and was found murdered behind a club. Ramirez later came back to the show to play her characters’ look-alike cousin. So, all the basic soap-opera stuff.

When She Appeared on Two ‘CSI’ Shows

Long before her time with “Blue Bloods,” Ramirez made an appearance in two popular crime shows: “CSI: Miami” in 2003 and “CSI: NY” in 2010. For Miami, she played Susanna Medesto for the episode titled “Hurricane Anthony.” And for her time with the New York-based series, she played Tania Santos for the episode titled, “The Formula.” Her time on the series definitely helped her get ready to fight crime on “Blue Bloods.”

When She Backed the Backstreet Boys Long Before She Landed on ‘Blue Bloods’

No one could get out of the ’90s without hearing about the popular boy band, the Backstreet Boys. And landing a spot in one of their music videos at the time was huge. In 1997 Ramirez was just starting out as an actress and model when she landed the role of “Gina” in the Backstreet Boys music video “As Long as You Love Me.” We’re not sure how that role translates to her work on “Blue Bloods” but we’re sure she learned something from the project!