‘Blue Bloods’: Why Abigail Hawk Said the Show ‘Made Me Who I Am Today’

by Robert Davis

Speaking to The Actor’s Audience about her decade-long run on ‘Blue Bloods‘, actress Abigail Hawk said the show “made me who I am today.”

“I feel like [Detective] Baker and I have matured together,” Hawk said during the interview. “I feel like we have both become confident women together, and it’s really exciting.”

In the show, Det. Baker serves as the primary aide to the NYPD commissioner. She is responsible for maintaining the commissioner’s schedule and acts as the final wall between the public and the department.

To coincide with Hawk’s real-life pregnancies, Det. Baker became a mother twice on the show. Similarly, Hawk also has two children with her husband.

“It’s been incredible for me to work alongside Tom [Selleck], and Greg Jbara, and Chloe Hessey. And, thought I don’t get to see the other guys as much, whenever I do it’s always fun. It’s amazing that [the show] has lasted for almost a decade of my life. That’s a long time, especially for a network show.”

The Bad Boys Of ‘Blue Bloods’

‘Blue Bloods’ is a police procedural drama that has aired on CBS since September 2010. It is filmed in New York, and occasionally in the outlying suburbs. In April 2021, the show was renewed for its 12th season.

Over the years, the show has consistently climbed in the ratings. It first season attracted over 12.5 million viewers, good enough for 19th-best for a network television series, according to TV Ratings by the Numbers. Season Two slipped in the rankings a little, but each successive season has climbed from 14th all the way to 8th-best.

However, viewership of the show has dropped during its climb. Last year, just over 10 million people watched the show. That is down nearly four million viewers since the show’s viewership peaked in Season Seven. At the time, over 14 million people tuned in.

Abigail Hawk Rises Again

Even though her run as Det. Baker is over, Abigail Hawk still has plenty of work ahead of her. According to her IMDB page, she will appear in three upcoming television series and a television movie. She is also working on two productions, “Couple of Guys” and “Big Enzo’s Wedding.”

Since getting her big break on “Reality Check” in 2005, Hawk has appeared in 17 productions including ‘Blue Bloods’. A majority of her appearances have been in television series such as “Law & Order: Special Victims” Unit, but she has also appeared on a number of smaller series. For example, she appeared in “The Jim Gaffigan Show” as Gina and the television series “Bromance” from 2020.