‘Blue Bloods’: Why Actress Sami Gayle Says the Series is the ‘Greatest Gift’

by Joe Rutland

Sami Gayle has been a part of the CBS police drama “Blue Bloods” since its first season. Gayle looks upon the show with a big heart.

She stopped by CBS News for a 2018 interview ahead of the eighth season’s finale, talking about her role as Nicky Reagan and the rest of the cast.

When asked about being a part of the show, Gayle says, “I came in on the fourth episode and it has been the greatest gift in the world to be blessed with so much success.”

In that eighth-season finale, Gayle has a crucial scene at, where else, the dinner table with Bridget Moynahan, who plays her mother, Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan. But Gayle has been with “Blue Bloods” as a recurring, full-time, and guest star throughout its 11 seasons on CBS.

Her role is one that has changed and matured over the years, giving Gayle chances to show different sides of Nicky. One particular episode, though, has Gayle, who has some Broadway work on her resume’, sharing the stage with “Blue Bloods” co-star Len Cariou.

Now Cariou himself is quite a Broadway star in his own right, so the fact that they got to work together as part of a musical number really impressed Gayle.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Admittedly Has Unique Name For Those Dinner Scenes

By now, really hardcore “Blue Bloods” fans know that those dinner scenes either become tender moments or times when issues get hashed out. Tom Selleck, who plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, sits at the head of the table. At the other end happens to be his father, Retired NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan, played by Cariou.

When it comes to the dinner scenes, Gayle has some interesting thoughts about them. She talks about them in a 2018 interview with CBS’s Miami, Fla., affiliate. Gayle says that sometimes the cast will call those scenes “family breakfast.”

“We usually shoot the dinner scene actually fairly early in the morning,” Gayle says. “We actually call it the family breakfast.”

When asked in the interview if she actually eats the food, she says, “Absolutely!” But Gayle admits that having delicious food for the early-morning shoots can be troublesome.

“We have to match whatever we eat in each take,” she explains. “If we’re there and we’re really hungry and we eat a lot that first take then every other take we actually have to match that amount of food.”

Questions surround whether or not Gayle will return to “Blue Bloods” as a full-time cast member. As we mentioned earlier, she appeared as a guest star on the 11th season’ finale. We’ll have to wait and see whether Nicky Reagan shows up again.