‘Blue Bloods’: Why the Cast No Longer Uses Real Silverware During Family Dinner Scenes

by Josh Lanier

No episode of Blue Bloods is complete until the Reagan family sits down for a family meal. But filming those large family gathers can be a nightmare, especially for the sound team.

So the show has had to make several changes so everything appears real but won’t make sound, WDJT reported in a special behind-the-scenes special.

For instance, Blue Bloods uses plastic silverware in the dinner scenes. That’s because the clinking of metal on China may as well be the loudest sound in the world. Next time you sit down for a big Thanksgiving meal with the family, listen for the clinks and chips and dings of metal of porcelain. It’s deafening once you hear it.

But while using plastic utensils is best for sound, it can be a nightmare for the cast. Have you ever tried to cut a full chicken with a plastic knife? Tom Selleck (Frank Reagan) has, and it didn’t go well. After the fake silverware kept breaking, he made the cooked bird fly.

“How many people have thrown a cutlet across the room?” Selleck joked, “I didn’t hit anybody.”

The show would never consider pulling the family dinner scenes, regardless of how difficult they are to shoot. Mostly because the cast believes they draw in audiences.

 “I think people look at that scene and wish they had that or remember when they did that with their family since it brings back a lot of those memories,” Bridget Moynahan told the Live with Kelly and Ryan

And the cast loves them as well.

“You can work on an ensemble series and you may not see a fellow castmate for a month. But here, once a show, we get to have a family dinner, which we all look forward to,” Selleck told People.

No, the ‘Blue Bloods’ Cast Doesn’t Get Drunk on Set

Part of any good meal is a good glass of wine or some spirit. Unfortunately, this is all make-believe, so nothing is as it seems.

Donnie Wahlberg (Detective Danny Reagan) put the cork back in the bottle by explaining to People there wasn’t really alcohol on the Reagans’ table.

“Someone asked me if we get drunk because we have a lot of wine during the dinner scene, but, sadly, it’s just grape juice. Sorry, guys. And ‘Scotch’ is iced tea. I think they give us decaffeinated or we’d be bouncing off the walls.”

Chances are that Blue Bloods also use silicone ice cubes in their drinks, as well. The sound of ice clinking around a glass cup will ruin a take.