‘Blue Bloods’: Why Danny and Jamie Reagan’s Actions in One Episode Left Fans Shocked

by Quentin Blount

Big-time TV shows like CBS’ Blue Bloods always try to be as realistic as possible. But they weren’t realistic enough for one fan of the show.

A user that goes by the name of u/NCC74656 on Reddit made a post late in June about how they found one scene in the show to be too unrealistic. So much so that they labeled the scene “action-breaking” and “idiotic” in the title of the post. The scene in question features characters played by two of the show’s stars in Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes. Danny Reagan (Wahlberg), a seasoned detective, and Jamie Reagan (Estes), a police officer, are tracking someone on the show when Danny puts water into the gas tank of their truck.

“Last episode, they have Danny and Jamie tracking Joe,” the original post begins. “Danny takes water and puts it into the tank of the F350 and as they leave the lot it clanks to a halt.”

The Reddit user isn’t shy about critiquing the scene. They say that it is unrealistic, in addition to breaking the flow of the story.

“I can’t stand these crazy stupid setups for plot development. It’s so unrealistic it breaks the flow of the story for me. With so many ways to solve the problem of them not following and they go with 20oz of water in the tank.”

Another Fan of ‘Blue Bloods’ Chimes In About the Episode

While on one hand, we have a Blue Bloods fan calling the moment in question unrealistic, another fan hopped in on the thread in defense of the show.

“But it is realistic,” the other fan replied. “Maybe it doesn’t stall as fast [in real life] but it’s realistic. It’s just Hollywood work.”

However, the user who made the original was still not satisfied. They said that “you’d be miles down the road” before the water makes its way into the fuel lines.

“20 oz of water in the fuel tank of any Modern Diesel isn’t going to kill it,” the original poster fires back. “It’ll dilute into the average tank size of around 30 gallons and on top of that, most diesels have a separator on their fuel pumps. Mine certainly does. Either way the time it would take for that to get down the lines and into the injectors, you’d be miles down the road.”

They even go as far as to offer up their own idea of how a realistic scenario could play out in the show.

“A more realistic scenario would be to use a multi-tool to just pull the inner valve off a tire stem, you could do that in seconds.”

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