‘Blue Bloods’: Why Danny Reagan Absolutely Went Off on Eddie and Jamie Last Night

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Bobby Bank/WireImage

Although “Blue Bloods” has its moments of heartwarming family moments spent around the dinner table, the Reagans have their own share of drama too.

As a refresher, “Blue Bloods” is made up of the Reagan family. The patriarch of the family is Tom Selleck as Commissioner Frank Reagan. His kids are Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), ADA Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), and Sergeant Jamie Reagan (Will Estes).

Although other family members appear, this is really the core group on the series.

As for this week’s episode, “Protective Instincts,” Danny Reagan showed that he wasn’t going to stand back when it comes to the well-being and safety of his son, Sean Reagan. While he was dealing with a case with his partner, Detective Maria Baez, Danny also had to deal with some family issues.

Jamie Reagan, his brother, and Eddie Janko decided it was okay to let his son Sean come for a ride-along with Eddie and her partner Officer Rachel Witten. Although the two thought it was a safe car ride, it turned out to be a trip to the hospital.

Sean was the one who originally had the idea in the first place. He wanted to go along so he could understand the perspective of female police officers for a project he’s working on. Sean ended up lying to Jamie and said that his dad had already said it was fine.

‘Blue Bloods’ Ride Along Goes Sour

The ride started smoothly with some jokes and casual conversation between the three. Eventually, however, things turned very sour when Eddie and Rachel went to respond to a robbery nearby. They told Sean to stay in the car.

While he was doing so, however, he spotted a man that matched the description of the robber and he left to follow him. As he was following him, Sean texted Eddie what he was doing. When he finished texting he looked up to the robber’s fist smacking him square in the face.

He ended up getting taken to the hospital for his injuries, which were a concussion and a black eye. Danny also made a not-so-friendly appearance at the hospital as well. He was furious with his brother for believing Sean when he said he got his father’s permission.

“He’s an 18-year-old male with the last name Reagan, which means he’s an idiot,” Danny said heatedly.

Although Sean’s plan got him into trouble, both with his father and with an angry robber, he did end up helping with the investigation. That text he sent led authorities to the robber’s location in order to arrest him.

As always, everything went back to family dinner. This time, tension was so thick you could cut through it. Danny was still furious and then Frank got involved in it all. He made the point that Sean is 18 and didn’t necessarily need Danny’s permission at all. Danny insisted it was a matter of respect.

Danny and Erin then talk outside later that night. She tells him he has a way of never letting anyone get in his way and that he has a “scorched-earth policy.”

It all ends with some real family bonding though. Jamie admits that he looks up to Danny and wants to help him with Sean. Meanwhile, Danny tries to relate to his son more so he takes him out for steaks and beers.