‘Blue Bloods’: Why Donnie Wahlberg Felt It Was ‘Inevitable’ He Would Eventually Start Directing

by Josh Lanier

Donnie Wahlberg said becoming a director on Blue Bloods just felt like a “natural evolution” of things. As he’s usually already working with the other actors and crew to set up shots and move things in a scene.

He told Entertainment Tonight in 2014, that the transition was inevitable.

“It was inevitable that I would start directing,” he said. “I think for one I have too much energy. I find myself sort of directing scenes anyway when I’m on set. I’m switching things around, and moving lines here and there. I know the cop work better than any of the directors that come in here. They don’t work with cops as much as I do. You know, it just seemed like a natural evolution. But I gotta say, that despite that, it was still a little daunting.”

The daunting aspect was directing actors such as Tom Selleck, a “TV legend.”

Selleck knows good directing from bad, and he’s helped set a standard that Blue Bloods must live up to. Wahlberg said it was a lot of pressure to reach those high marks.

“To direct (Selleck) you’ve got to be ready,” Wahlberg said. “Believe me, I thought I could direct in season one, but I wanted to take a few years and get a few seasons under my belt before I dared to step behind the camera and say ‘cut’ to Tom Selleck.”

Wahlberg has only directed one episode of Blue Bloods during its long run on CBS. It’s the fourteenth episode of season 4 called “Manhattan Queens.”

Why Hasn’t He Directed More ‘Blue Bloods’ Shows?

Wahlberg told Entertainment Tonight that he loved the experience, and what he thought would have been the hardest scene to shoot was actually his favorite. The Reagan’s weekly dinner scene.

“But it’s actually the easiest scene to direct because it kind of directs itself,” he said. “We have so much fun when we’re doing the scene and we work out the scripts as actors. I’m not really working with them as a director, I’m just one of the actors taking care of my fellow actors and making sure we feel like have a cohesive scene.”

But why has he only directed the one episode of Blue Bloods? The short answer is time. Directing requires a lot of prep-work and a lot of post-production work. And with his touring schedule for New Kids on the Block and his family life, Wahlberg said he hasn’t had time to direct more. Though, it is in his future plans.

“A lot of times I have to pass off the directing job to somebody else, but next season I plan on directing early in the season,” he told PopCulture. “And I loved it, I had such a good time.”