‘Blue Bloods’: Why Fans Want Jamie Reagan’s Ex-Fiancé Sydney Back

by Joe Rutland

“Blue Bloods” fans really want Detective Jamie Reagan’s former fiance’ Sydney back on the popular CBS police drama. Will it happen?

A Reddit board discussion about this topic offered a number of different opinions.

The lead commenter, Bruticus1120, said he wishes that she would come back from overseas and just pop up on Jamie, played by Will Estes. The writer also said they were more of a match than him and, in the writer’s word, “headstrong” Eddie, played by Vanessa Ray on “Blue Bloods”. The commenter forgot the episode title in which Eddie arrested a former boyfriend because he was a jerk in college. Finally, the lead commenter suggests that Jamie should have run far away upon seeing that happen.

Another commenter, TheFantasticXman1, said, “What’s the point? Jamie’s already happily married to Eddie. Bringing Sydney back is just unnecessary unless she serves a purpose other than being Jamie’s ex-fiancee (i.e., she’s on a case that Jamie or any other Reagan might also be involved in).

“And I beg to differ that Sydney is better for Jamie than Eddie. Sydney never really understood Jamie’s position as a cop and couldn’t live with the idea that he was putting his life at risk every day. Eddie, being a fellow cop, doesn’t have this problem with Jamie and she’s able to relate with him a lot more than Sydney ever could.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fan Wouldn’t Want Sydney Back For Drama Love Triangle

Blake45666 wrote that the commenter wouldn’t want her back for a huge drama love triangle. “But I always wanted her to pop up again to at least talk about it.” The writer added that the last couple of seasons have seemed like it never happened and that “always feels weird to me.”

Agreeable-Pause7003 wrote, “I loved janko but now that they’re married there scenes together are not as well written as they were before.”

Bruticus1120 replied that in my opinion, Eddie has been questioning Jamie’s every move since Day One on “Blue Bloods”. That was from the time Eddie disobeyed an alert for copy down and Jamie barked at her.

Another commenter, eremite00, pointed out a comment from another user: “they was more of a match than him & headstrong Eddie.”

“Wait, what? Jamie and Eddie have incredible chemistry, both as characters and as actors,” the commenter writes. The writer also said that Jamie’s ex-fiancé left him while Eddie vowed to always have his back. He pointed out that she’s done that and shows she’s the one who is best for Jamie.

“Blue Bloods” fans can debate all these topics and have fun. Yet the real fun for them will begin when the next fall season kicks off, filled with new episodes.

Set your alarms for Friday nights on CBS.