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‘Blue Bloods’: Why Fans Want to See Frank Reagan ‘Go Off The Book’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

“Blue Bloods” fans are hardcore who tune in each Friday night on CBS. They really want to see Frank Reagan get a little rowdy, though.

Reagan, the NYPD Commissioner played by Tom Selleck on the popular police drama, holds himself together a lot. But some Redditors are ready to see Frank go wild.

In the Reddit string titled “Anyone just wanna see frank go off the book?”, the lead commenter put it this way.

“Seriously rewatching again,” zashalamel25 wrote. The Redditor said he can’t help but pretty much hate Frank for going by the book at the time. He said it’s a TV show so “go off the rails!” The writer said of the episode where the off-duty cop was with his daughter but interrupted a robbery. The commenter said he didn’t agree with the guy getting put on leave for putting his daughter ahead of some random clerk.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fan Won’t Mind Seeing Reagan Go Wild In Name of ‘Family Justice’

“I wouldn’t mind seeing him do that if it was in the name of family justice,” eremite00 wrote. “With the entire family, including Joe Hill, being involved, like they did with the Blue Templar. It would have to be something epic like that.”

“Wanted to see him retire last season TBH” was skullminerssneakers response. In turn, two other “Blue Bloods” Redditors had their own responses ready.

“That would probably kill the series,” gd2go2 wrote. Another commenter wrote that Reagan won’t return until Sergeant Jamie Reagan [Will Estes] is ready to become the next NYPD Police Commissioner.

Needless to say, these fans want Reagan to take off the straight-laced look and get down and dirty. But everyone knows that’s not representative of Selleck’s character. He also is the patriarch of the Reagan clan that, besides Estes, includes Detective Danny Reagan [Donnie Wahlberg], Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan [Bridget Moynahan], and Retired NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan [Len Cariou].

Expect Frank to, once again, carry out his role on “Blue Bloods” when the show returns for its 12th season this fall.

Sami Gayle Gushed Over Working With Selleck During Interview

Sami Gayle, who has played Nicky Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” makes no secret about how much she loved playing alongside Selleck.

In a 2014 interview with CBS New York, Gayle talked about her relationship with Selleck both on- and off-screen.

“Tom is the best,” Gayle said bluntly. “Tom, I feel like you can ask him any question about anything in the entire world and he will have the answer within one second.”

Gayle talked about how encouraging the one-time “Magnum, P.I.” was around everything she does in her career.

“He is like a real grandfather to me, too,” she said.

Good thing “Gramps” Selleck will be hanging around for yet another tour of duty on “Blue Bloods.”