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‘Blue Bloods’: Why Jamie Actor Will Estes Loves the Addition of Joe Hill Character

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images)

One of the things that audiences love about Blue Bloods is the family dynamic. At the same time, that dynamic makes the show stand out in a sea of cop dramas on television. The Reagans feel like a real family. Some truly talented actors make up the family. So, that makes things even better. It just wouldn’t be the same without actors like Tom Selleck, Will Estes, Bridget Moynahan, and Donnie Wahlberg heading up the cast.

The Reagans are a big family with plenty of complications. However, they got a little bigger at the end of the show’s tenth season. That is when Joe Hill entered the series. The newcomer shook things up for the whole family. However, Jamie, played by Will Estes and other members of the Reagan family took a shine to their long-lost family member pretty quickly. Hill even seemed to fit right in with at the all-important dinner table. Then, he kind of disappeared.

Blue Bloods fans learned what happened to Hill at the end of the eleventh season. That is when the Reagan family had to do their best to keep their newfound relative alive without blowing his cover. Fans seemed to enjoy the addition of a new character. But, how did the cast feel about him?

Will Estes sat done with Daniel Levine from PopCulture back in November of 2020 to talk about the show. During the interview, Estes opened up about how he felt about the new character.

Will Estes Talks About the Addition of Joe Hill

Daniel Levine kicked off the conversation about Joe Hill by saying, “Season 10 ended with that big cliffhanger where you guys met your new family member Joe Hill. What’s it like to welcome a new cast member that way?”

Will Estes started with a pretty straightforward answer, “I thought it was an awesome idea. I loved it from the moment that I heard it.” Then, he went on to give a little backstory about the character. Joe Hill is the son of Jamie’s deceased older brother Joe Reagan. The younger family member is named after his father. However, Joe Reagan didn’t know that Joe Hill existed.

Will Estes also talked a little about what Joe Hill meant to Jamie Reagan. According to Estes, Jamie sees something of his late brother in Joe Hill. It’s his nephew. However, he connects to him on a different level because he can see Joe Reagan in him. Before moving on to sum up the addition of the new character to Blue Bloods, Estes said, “I think it’s a really powerful experience for Jamie.”

Then, about the addition of Hill to the Reagan clan, Will Estes said, “On a show that’s run so long, to have a new character come in like that is a cool bit of oxygen for all of us.”