‘Blue Bloods’: Why Jamie and Eddie ‘Missed’ the Dating Phase in Their Relationship

by Jennifer Shea

The sweethearts of “Blue Bloods” never really dated. Does this bode poorly for the future of Jamie and Eddie’s relationship?

In a new Reddit thread, fans of the show debated what it portends that Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) basically skipped over the dating phase of their relationship.

“Did I miss something?” one fan wondered upon finishing Season 8 of the show. “I know they confessed their feelings for one another, yet tried to keep all hidden for the sake of the job. What happened between that… and now an engagement??”

‘Blue Bloods’ Sweethearts Didn’t Date

On the Reddit thread, other fans quickly jumped in to reassure the poster that it wasn’t just them: Jamie and Eddie’s relationship is, well, weird.

“You didn’t miss anything, that is legitimately how the episode progresses,” another fan posted. “From what I understand, Jamie and Eddie skipped the dating phase of a relationship entirely (likely because they had been on the job together for years and had already gotten to know each other quite well) and went to the next natural step of a relationship which is engagement. It’s confusing, I know, and I don’t personally know any couples who have done this sort of thing.”

Indeed, leaping from “I like you” to “Will you marry me?” is so unusual as to be almost unheard of in the real world. And the poster’s fellow “Blue Bloods” fans pointed that out, taking note of how often the couple fight and the likelihood that the show’s writers were too impatient to build up the relationship more.

“The reason a lot of people don’t do that is because it’s a terrible way to start a relationship,” yet another fan chimed in. “I get that the show wanted to get to the wedding bit asap, but yikes. It’s really no wonder they fight all the time. I honestly believe that if they weren’t married, they would have broken up by now.”

Jamie and Eddie Stand a Better Chance Than Similar Real-Life Couples

Some fans said they would have enjoyed seeing the couple date, and the show’s writers missed a dramatic opportunity by cutting to the chase so quickly. Others said they wondered if they had missed some episodes.

Granted, the couple had already spent a lot of time together on the job over the years. But Jamie could still have tried to court Eddie a bit.

Fortunately for “Blue Bloods,” the fictional couple stands a much better chance of staying together than couples do who try to move so fast in real life. The show’s writers seem to be pretty committed to keeping them together. At least, for now.

But what will happen in Season 12? There’s only one way to find out.