‘Blue Bloods’: Why Nicky Actor Sami Gayle Says She Has to ‘Pinch Herself’ When Going to Set

by Clayton Edwards

There’s no denying that people love Blue Bloods. There are several things that made the show a sure-fire hit. For one, the cop drama isn’t just another entry in the long line of police procedurals. Instead, it is a more character-driven drama than most other series in the genre. However, it isn’t just the character-driven aspect of the show that draws people in. The cast is another huge factor. Television icon Tom Selleck heads up the cast while veteran actors like Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan help to fill it out. Additionally, the young actress Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle, brings much to the Reagan family table.

Sami Gayle got her start on the stage when she was very young. Then, she transitioned to TV. Television audiences first saw Gayle in three episodes of As the World Turns. Then, in 2010, she signed on with the cast of Blue Bloods in the show’s first season. It’s hard to imagine how it feels to be a young actor on a set with an icon like Tom Selleck or someone as multitalented as Donnie Wahlberg.

Sami Gayle opened up about what it was like to work on the set of Blue Bloods back in 2014. She came on CBS New York’s The Couch to talk about her character as well as her time on the series. During that interview, she talked about how exciting it was for her to go to work every day.

Sami Gayle on Working with the Blue Bloods Cast

The Couch co-host John Elliott wanted to know, “So, what’s it like working with Donnie and Tom?”  

This put a huge smile on Sami Gayle’s face. She replied, “I have to pinch myself going into set every single day.” Gayle went on to say that working on Blue Bloods is “such a dream.” About that, she said, “Everyone on the set is so full of knowledge and just so supportive of me and my career and my education. It’s just a joy to go to [the] set every day.”

Later in the interview, Sami Gayle said that most of her scenes, at the time, were with either Bridget Moynahan or Tom Selleck. Moynahan plays her on-screen mother and Selleck is her character’s grandfather. So, her character spends more time with them than anyone else. Gayle couldn’t be happier about her family on the show. About Moynahan, she said, “Bridget’s the best. She’s like another mother to me. She’s amazing.”

She feels much the same way about Tom Selleck. About him, Sami Gayle said, “He is just so encouraging of everything that I do. He’s like a real grandfather to me.” Gayle went on to say that the actors who play the Reagan family have a familial bond even when the cameras stop rolling.