‘Blue Bloods’: Why Sami Gayle Left the Show

by Maggie Schneider

Fans are wanting to know the real reasons why Sami Gayle left “Blue Bloods.” It turns out that the actress’ real life got in the way.

“Blue Bloods” fans miss seeing Nicky Reagan at the family dinner table. Although actress Sami Gayle never formally announced her departure from the show, her character has not been seen very much since Season 10. The show’s writers hint at Nicky living an independent life as a college student. It turns out that Sami Gayle left “Blue Bloods” for the same reason.

The actress attended Columbia University as she was filming the show. Balancing both school and a career is a challenge. Although both were located in New York City, Gayle was exhausted doing both full-time. In an interview with Hollywood Life, she explains this point in her life.

“I didn’t sleep!” she recalls. “It was the best time of my life, though. We shot Wednesday to Sunday schedule. I did this for about seven weeks. On Sunday night, we’d finish shooting, I don’t know maybe at three or four in the morning. I’d get on a plane at 6 a.m., I would come to New York, shoot Blue Bloods in the morning, then I would go to school. I boarded my classes that semester from 1 to 8 so that I could attend as many as possible on the Monday, Tuesday. I wrote my papers on planes!”

Now, officially done with college, Sami Gayle is taking some time to reset. From going to the beach to visiting her family, it looks like the actress is finding the balance she needs.

Sami Gayle Loves Fellow “Blue Bloods” Actress

Sami Gayle loves working with her on-screen mother, Bridget Moynahan. Calling her an “additional mom,” the actress enjoys sharing scenes with such relatable themes.

“My favorite thing about our scenes together is that they often tackle universal, mother/daughter experiences. I always walk away having gleaned something about a situation I’ve encountered with my actual mom or with foresight as to how to deal with a situation in the future.” 

Gayle is thankful to have such a strong mentor growing up on “Blue Bloods.”

“Bridget has been like an additional mother, and I am forever indebted to her for showing me what it means to be a gracious, kind, talented, and independent woman. Watching her over the years has helped me to become a better actor.”

Once again seeing herself in her character, she addresses Nicky Reagan’s growth.

“Nicky has navigated so many experiences — her parent’s divorce, the loss of two family members, new jobs, college, conflicting career ambitions, the pressures of being part of the Reagan family, just to name a few. And, yet, she has emerged an independent woman with a positive outlook who, despite any backlash, has always chartered her own path.”