‘Blue Bloods’: Why Show Producers Like to Cover Current Events

by Katie Maloney

How do “Blue Bloods” creators choose the topics they cover on the show?

One of the coolest things about “Blue Bloods,” is its realistic depiction of the lives of people who work in New York law enforcement positions. So, how is the show able to capture such realistic portrayals? During an interview in 2017, Executive Producer Kevin Wade revealed that the show’s writers work with a real-life retired NYPD detective, Jim Nuciforo, when writing the show. Nuciforo acts as the technical advisor for the show and he even has a role in the series. He plays the head of Frank‘s security detail. 

“He’s been our technical advisor for the show,” said Wade. “So, we’ll come up with a story or, more often than not, read something in the newspaper. And research it down. And then go to Jim and go, ‘So, police-wise, how would this work out. What would the beats be?’ and he’ll guide us the whole way through.”

Wade added that it’s not uncommon for an episode to air that portrays a real-life topic that was highlighted in the newspaper.

“So, we don’t try to grab from headlines, we try to grab from research. And one in a while things will dovetail and we’ll put on a show on a certain date and one of the stories will have been in the news that week.”

Wade said that basically all of “Blue Bloods” content comes from conversations with real-life police officers and detectives.

“But it really comes out of the writers talking to cops and talking to Jim and reading a lot. And just trying to find true stories.”

“Blue Bloods” cast talks about the show.

‘Blue Bloods’ Creators Also Worked on ‘The Sopranos’

It’s always interesting to hear about the people responsible for all the behind-the-scenes duties for our favorite shows. It’s also fun to hear about the other projects the crew has worked on. “Blue Bloods” was created by married writing duo, Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green. The two have worked together on “Northern Exposure”, “Party of Five”, and “Almost Grown.” In 1999 they were hired to write for “The Sopranos.” They penned several episodes during the first few seasons. However, they ended up leaving the show. Fortunately, they kept writing and soon developed the hit series we’ve all come to love, “Blue Bloods.”

During an interview in 2011, Green talked about the process of creating the show. She said that producers initially wanted a fast-paced crime drama. But she and Burgess pushed to include the family aspect of the show.

“In the very beginning they tried to shoehorn the show into being more of a procedural,” said Green. “And dropping the family aspect and having it be more like ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and a fast-paced procedural.”

But the two stuck their instincts and pushed for the family dinner scenes. And the push certainly paid off!