‘Blue Bloods’: Why Show Producers Say There Are No ‘Taboo’ Subjects for the Series

by Megan Molseed

For eleven years, the hit crime drama Blue Bloods has explored a variety of controversial issues.

From religion to police brutality, to domestic violence, or gun control, the hit CBS series has never shied away from some of the most controversial topics of our times. During a recent interview, Blue Bloods executive producer Kevin Wade explained why it was important to him that the hit series explores a variety of hard-to-talk-about issues. 

“There’s not any taboo subject,” said Wade during the Blue Bloods 150th Episode Celebration.  

“Blue Bloods” Balances Controversial Topics

During the interview, Wade added that while the writers or producers of the series will not shy away from controversial topics, it is vital they explore all angles of the controversial topics.  

“If we’re going to build a soapbox for one point of view, we have to build a soapbox of equal dimension for the other point of view,” said Wade. Wade also said that the writers are careful to argue both sides of most of the issues. Because of this, Blue Bloods is able to address some of the taboo subjects it is famous for addressing. 

“(We) can pretty much drive through anything with a controversial point of view because we will argue both sides,” said Wade. 

“Kevin is a wonderful writer,” Len Cariou, who plays Blue Bloods family patriarch, Henry “Pop” Reagan said. “He’s talked to the writers, and is a mentor to some.”

“We are helping bring them along,” Wade agreed. The executive producer also noted that his team of Blue Bloods writers is always working hard to address a variety of topics for the popular police drama. 

“Argument means conflict, which means drama,” he said. “So it’s much better than going out and just taking one side and trying to do it we at least shoot for that most of the time.”

The Reagan Family Has a Long History in the NYPD

Blue Bloods follows the Reagan family each member of which has deep ties to New York City law enforcement. 

The patriarch of the family, Henry, (Cariou) was once a beat-cop and rose to the position of Police Commissioner. Frank, (Tom Selleck) Henry’s son, serves as the current Police Commissioner of New York City. One of Frank’s sons, Joe was murdered in the line of duty. The oldest of Frank’s son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) works as an NYPD detective. Frank’s youngest son, Jamie, (Will Estes) is a sergeant with the NYPD. His daughter, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) serves as a New York City District Attorney.