‘Blue Bloods’: Why the Showrunner Thought the Series Was Coming to an End After Season 11

by Clayton Edwards

Producing a TV series is an uncertain thing in the best of times. The past year has not been the best of times for the entertainment industry. So, Blue Bloods showrunner Kevin Wade accepted that the show was coming to an end. He and his team set to work making the best final season of the series they could.

This is why the season finale of Blue Bloods was so solid. When they wrote that episode it was set to be the series finale. So, Wade and company wanted to give the fans a great story to go out on. At the same time, they wanted to give a nod to the first season of the hit series.

They didn’t get word that Blue Bloods was coming back for another season until less than a month ago. CBS didn’t announce that the series was coming back for another season until April 15th. By that time, the season/series finale was already in the can and ready for broadcast. So, what fans saw last week could have been the end of the series.

Wade told Deadline that he was almost certain that the show was coming to an end. According to that interview, the higher-ups told Wade that the season finale would be, “the last two episodes and would air back to back.” At that point, he started thinking about the best way to bring Blue Bloods to a satisfactory end.

Bringing ‘Blue Bloods’ to an End

Wade told Deadline that he knew they had to do something to get the whole Reagan clan involved. He knew that the only way to really close the series was to have all hands on deck. It didn’t take him long to decide that Joe Hill would be the perfect catalyst.

At the same time, Wade wanted to bring the series full circle. So, he looked back to the end of the first season of Blue Bloods. That’s when the Reagan clan had to come together to catch the crooked cops who killed Joe Hill’s dad. So, having them come together to keep Joe alive almost seemed like the obvious answer.

At the same time, the Blue Bloods showrunner wanted to give Hill a bigger part in the story. Also, the undercover arc allowed them to explain Joe’s long absence on the show. So, they forged ahead with the storyline.

Now that Joe Hill is alive and well, Wade said that he would love to make him a permanent part of the Blue Bloods cast. However, that is still up the air. Fans will have to wait until season 12 kicks off to see where Joe Hill and the rest of the Reagan family go from here.