‘Blue Bloods’: Why Vanessa Ray Says Family Dinner Scenes Helped Her in Real Life with Husband’s Family

by Anna Dunn

Blue Bloods wouldn’t be Blue Bloods without its family dinner scenes, and cast member Vanessa Ray has said that those dinner scenes helped her with her real-life family. The police drama, which airs on CBS, is almost more about family than it is about anything else. Not only do the characters take the family dinners seriously, but the cast does as well.

Ray plays Eddie Reagan on the hit series and has done so magnificently for years. In a conversation with CBS Watch! Ray discussed the impact the show had on her own family when asked about what it’s like to shoot those iconic family dinner scenes. First, she had to learn how to gain her confidence as an actress.

“I feel like I had to learn how to act at those scenes from Eddie. That sounds crazy, but my first reaction being at those dinner table scenes with legends—people who’ve been in the business for so many years—was to be scared,” she admitted. Ray stars alongside greats such as Tom Selleck and Donnie Whalberg. Both actors love the family dinner scenes, as it gives them time with the whole cast.

“I would walk in and my confidence level was shook, but what was on the page was never that. Eddie speaks her mind. When I came into my husband’s family it was the same kind of thing, and having gone through it on the show, I was able to be more honest in my real life and not shy away from outspoken moments,” she said.

The Cast of ‘Blue Bloods’ Has Grown Close Over the Years

While Donnie Whalberg and Tom Selleck may have been intimidating at first, it’s likely ray is long past the nervous stage of her relationships with them. The two are reportedly not as intimidating as they seem.

For instance, according to Marisa Ramirez, Donnie Whalberg makes the cast light up with his singing and energy. Donnie also sometimes throws co-stars off with his frequent ad-libbing. According to Donnie, there are times where he and Marisa can laugh for an hour straight. Hopefully, Ray quickly learned that there was nothing to be afraid of when it came to her co-stars.

Season 12, meanwhile, is filming now. During a typical season, production takes the majority of the year. When COVID-19 isn’t throwing a wrench in production’s plans, Blue Bloods takes around nine months to film. Thankfully for fans, they’ve gotten started.

If you’re wondering when Blue Bloods comes back, don’t fret, Blue Bloods season 12 is right around the corner. It’ll air on Friday, October 1st at 10pm ET/PT on CBS. While it’s not the most glamorous timeslot, there are still plenty of fans willing to sacrifice a bit of their Friday nights to catch a seat at that family dinner table.