‘Blue Bloods’: Why You Shouldn’t Expect a Romantic Relationship to Form Between Two Major Characters

by Matthew Wilson

Will-they-or-won’t-they relationships are the lifeblood of TV shows, especially crime dramas. But fans shouldn’t expect two “Blue Bloods” characters to get together.

“Blue Bloods” creator Kevin Wade has squashed fans’ hopes that Danny Reagan and his partner Detective Maria Baez will become a couple. Played by Donnie Wahlberg and Maris Ramirez, the two characters have undeniable chemistry. But the show doesn’t want to repeat itself.

“Blue Bloods” already featured Danny’s younger brother Jamie romancing his partner. Though they’re no longer co-workers, the couple recently got engaged. Likewise, the showrunner found it difficult to keep the story going if Danny and Maria got together.

“We recognize it and certainly the actors like each other. In front of the camera and between setups,” showrunner Kevin Wade told TV Inside. “I’m gonna use Sam and Diane from Cheers and really age myself here. But once it happens, there’s nowhere to go. There really aren’t stories in happy couples. And there are definitely not stories in police detectives on the job having a personal relationship with their partner.”

In fact, being partners proves to be one of the reasons the show won’t explore that coupling. Wade continued explaining why it’s not in the cards right now.

“It would get a little bit to me into the weeds unless we found them other partners,” Wade continues, “but we have so little real estate as the show grows, as we bring in a guy like Will Hochman playing Joe Hill, as we play Whoopi [Golberg] or Dylan Walsh as the mayor. It’s 43 minutes and we have to keep an eye on what we have room for.”

Star Joins ‘Blue Bloods’ Family Dinner

While there may not be a wedding in their future, Detective Maria Baez did get a rare invite to the coveted family dinner this season. As an actor, Maris Ramirez felt overjoyed to join in on the fun. It also reminded her of her late grandmother.

“It’s eight years I’ve been there now, and it was actually very emotional for me on so many levels, which I didn’t share with anyone at the time,” Ramirez told PopCulture. “I kept thinking about her while I was there. And it almost made me feel more comfortable and calm, and just was able to really take in the surroundings and the warmth and the fact that they welcomed me there. But again, the fact that she wasn’t going to be seeing that episode, it was touching a rough spot in my heart.”