‘Blue Bloods’: Will Eddie Janko Question Her Desire to Make Sergeant?

by Megan Molseed

Early this season, Blue Bloods fans knew that one main character was up to something sneaky.

As the twelfth season of the hit CBS police procedural drama premiered last fall, we saw Will Estes’s Jamie Reagan facing a crisis. He was beginning to question his wife, Eddie Janko’s whereabouts when she was sneaking out in the evenings. Soon, however, Jamie learns that Eddie, played by Vanessa Ray isn’t up to anything mischievous or deceitful. But, her secret turns out to be an exciting one, as Eddie admits to her Blue Bloods husband and partner that she is studying for the sergeant’s exam. However, early descriptions of the upcoming February 25 Blue Bloods episode suggest that Janko may be questioning this career move as she works on a difficult case.

Jamie Tries To Get To the Bottom Of Eddie’s Secrets

As the twelfth season of Blue Bloods began, Jamie Reagan was noticing Eddie’s recent secrecy, and it began to concern the New York Police Officer. However, once he confronts his wife with his concerts, he learns the truth. Eddie is looking at becoming a sergeant. And, her evenings have been spent studying for the challenging entrance exam.

“I was afraid to tell you,” Eddie Janko explains to Jamie Reagan when she finally came clean about her plan.

“I didn’t know if you would like it,” the Blue Bloods officer tells her husband. Of course, Jamie is excited about his wife’s goals. And, he fully supports her. However, he wasn’t a fan of the way Eddie was hiding the truth from him in the beginning.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Jamie tells his wife of her plans to take the Sergeant’s exam.

“I have absolutely no problem that you’re here,” the officer continues in his heart-to-heart with his wife. “But if I’m being honest, I don’t like how we got here.”

Will Janko Step Up In The Ranks In Upcoming ‘Blue Bloods’ Episodes?

Now, however, it looks as if Eddie is going to begin wondering whether or not she is making the right move in the February 25 episode titled Allegiance. In this episode, Eddie Janko is assigned to a special victims case. This leads the officer to begin questioning her path and whether or not moving into a sergeant position is the right step for her Blue Bloods character.

Elsewhere in the upcoming episode when Blue Bloods returns to the airwaves following a brief hiatus, Erin Reagan and Anthony look into witness tampering. The duo does this with the help of Erin’s nephew, Joe Hill, who originally hears of the problem.

The upcoming episode also finds detective Maria Baez dedicated – with the help of partner Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan, of course – to find the person who killed her favorite TV personality.

This Blue Bloods episode also features an exciting guest star. Allegiance brings in Tony Danza who portrays a police lieutenant who is the victim of a seemingly random shooting.