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‘Blue Bloods’: Will Erin Reagan Face a Career Change in Upcoming Episode?

by John Jamison
Photo by CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Erin Reagan got a dose of reality on last night’s episode of Blue Bloods. Despite being unsure about a potential run for District Attorney, the Bridget Moynahan character let her old law school friend do some initial research to see if a career change is even in the cards for her.

Erin Reagan is a textbook workaholic. Her work is obviously important, but she definitely prioritizes it at the expense of her personal life. And before you Blue Bloods fans take offense, it’s not us saying it. These are just the conclusions of Erin’s friend Lisa Farragut (Kelli O’Hara).

Calling in a friend like Lisa was the next natural step of any potential candidate for public office. Erin Reagan needed to know if anything in her life—be it her past, personality details, etc.—would cause problems for a District Attorney run down the road. Clearly, Erin is seriously considering going for it.

But Lisa’s findings weren’t exactly a glowing endorsement. Erin’s old-school work ethic has left her virtually unable to field questions about her personal life. In today’s age of relatability and voting for personality, that doesn’t bode well for her chances.

However, that doesn’t mean all is lost for a potential Erin Reagan District Attorney run. Despite Lisa’s doubts, the fact that Erin has accomplished so much over the years on Blue Bloods is a platform in and of itself. While it’s not always a match for popularity or name recognition, a long resume demonstrating hard work and dedication to the city could go a long way toward getting Erin elected.

We almost forgot that Erin Reagan can be quite personable by the end of last night’s episode. She went out for a drink with Anthony (Steve Schirripa), a work colleague, sure. But still a friend.

‘Blue Bloods’ Potential Crossover With ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Talk about career changes. Maybe what Erin Reagan needs is a change of scenery. There are plenty of opportunities for lawyers of Erin’s stature in Los Angeles. Why not explore the world of another beloved crime drama franchise?

In a 2013 interview with Blue Bloods, Danny Reagan actor Donnie Wahlberg said he’d love to do a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles.

“I’d like Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J to come on and do an NCIS: LABlue Bloods mashup, so we could shoot one in LA, and I could have some warm weather right around February. They can come to New York and be cold for a week. And we can go to L.A. and be warm for a week.”

Donnie also mentioned Hawaii Five-O. It sounds like he just wants to be warm. But he may be onto something here. We can almost picture LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell around the Reagan family dinner table now.