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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Discusses His Favorite Actors to Share Scenes With in 2020 Interview

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The “Blue Bloods” cast has made it pretty clear that they are just as close in real life as the family they play on the show. This has made fans fall in love with the characters and actors on “Blue Bloods” even more. However, every real-life family has a few family members that they like to hang out with more than others. And the “Blue Bloods” cast is no different. During an interview, in 2020 actor Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan on the show, revealed which cast members he wishes he could have more screentime with. Although he loves his whole family, there are a few cast members that he really enjoys interacting with.

“Yea, I always love when I get to work with Donnie [Wahlberg],” said Estes. “And I’ve gotten to work with Donnie more this year. And, sure enough, it was a blast. It’s been really cool and fun.”

Estes added that he enjoys working with the Reagan family patriarch, Tom Selleck, as well.

“I haven’t had a lot with Tom this season yet,” said Estes. “But that’s always been great, historically, when I get to work with him.”

Estes also talked about the “Blue Bloods” pairings that he enjoys watching the most.

“Other pairings…My favorite pairing, I think, is Steve Schirripa and Bridget Moynahan,” said Estes. “I don’t know, they just pop off the screen for me. And I love watching their stuff every time.”

Will Estes Said That the Dynamic Between Cast and Crew Make ‘Blue Bloods’ Successful

Just like a real-life family, the “Blue Bloods” cast and crew motivate each other. When someone does something well, they’re congratulated. And when there’s something that can be improved upon, it’s mentioned. At least, that’s what Will Estes said during a recent interview. He said that it’s the honest and supportive dynamic that the “Blue Bloods” cast and crew share that makes the show so successful.

“And the synergistic creative process between actors and writers (and producers and directors and crew) continues to make ‘Blue Bloods’ what it is,” said Estes. “I personally appreciate the feedback from crew members a lot.”

Estes said that crew members see so many productions that it can be difficult to impress them. So, when he receives a compliment from a crew member, he takes it seriously.

“I find a compliment from a crew member to be both the most honest and infrequent,” said Estes. “They aren’t easily impressed from that ground floor vantage point.”

Which brings everything full circle in a beautiful way. Once again, Estes proves that the cast and crew of “Blue Bloods” really are just like the Reagans. They’re celebratory of the good, honest about the bad, and have each others’ backs through it all.