‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Will Estes ‘Never Wanted’ Jamie and Eddie to Get Together: ‘I Hated the Idea’

by Samantha Whidden

His Blue Bloods character Jamie is married to his former partner Eddie on the hit police series, but Will Estes admits he wasn’t excited about the 12th precinct partners getting together romantically at first. 

Eddie, who is played by Vanessa Ray, made her debut on Blue Blood’s Season 4. She was originally partnered with Jamie until he was promoted to sergeant and moved to the 29th Precinct. Eddie eventually transfers to the 29th Precinct. The duo finally got married in the show’s 9th season.

In a recent interview with Glitter, the Blue Bloods star states he never wanted Jamie and Eddie together.

“I hated the idea,” Will admits. “I thought it would be the end of the storyline, and we would be missing the lesson from the show.” He used The X-Files as an example, which saw the two main characters wanting to be together but not willing to cross the line. 

Will now says he doesn’t mind the Blue Bloods romance.

“I don’t think that now. And working with Vanessa [Ray] is one of my favorite things about Blue Bloods. We are fast friends, we laugh all the time between takes (sometimes during), we have an incredible shorthand, and I love her.”

Will Estes Talks Well Known Blue Bloods Family Dinner Scenes & Fan Encounters

Will also shares with the media outlet more details about the well known family dinner scenes on Blue Bloods.

“I think that scene is a real centerpiece for the show,” Will says. “I like to think it symbolizes family, strong community, unity in the face of difference, discord, disagreement.”

Estes considers the scene to be a “poetic metaphor” of what many of the cast members wish their families could be like. “Either that or a bunch of actors making faces,” he remarks.

The Blue Bloods actor goes on to discuss his memorable encounters with the show’s fans.

“[A fan] was talking loudly on his cell phone in what I would call a strong New York meets Gonzo from Sesame Street accent, and he said something like, ‘Yeah, I’m standing right here in front of them… Yeah. Yeah, it’s Jamie Reagan and his partner… I can’t remember her name.’” Estes jokes he and Vanessa got a big kick out of the remark instead of being insulted.

But the fan wasn’t done yet. As Will was consoling his Blue Bloods co-star, the fan says to him loudly, “You’re a lot smaller in person.” Estes then adds, “I think he was genuine and completely oblivious, which is why it was so funny.”

Will Estes and Vanessa Ray star alongside Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg on the series. Blue Bloods is set to return for its 12th season this fall on CBS.