‘Blue Bloods’: Will Estes Revealed His ‘Strangest’ Fan Encounter That Involved His Laundry

by Leanne Stahulak

After playing Sergeant Jamie Reagan on CBS’ hit crime drama “Blue Bloods” for over 10 years, Will Estes has collected quite a fan base.

Overall, Estes’ sweet-faced, boy-next-door look fits perfectly for the role of the youngest son in a family full of seasoned cops and attorneys. Though he stars alongside the likes of Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan, Estes’ distinct personality and characterization of Jamie causes him to stand out to fans in everyday life.

Take this lady he previously met at a laundromat. The “Blue Bloods” actor shared the experience with Channel Guide Magazine in 2015 after they asked what his “strangest fan encounter” has been.

“I was folding my laundry in Manhattan one time at a laundromat and this woman looked at me and said, ‘You do your own laundry? That’s wonderful!’ I said, ‘I think it would be wonderful if I didn’t do my own laundry.’ I think I lost a fan that day,” Estes said.

On the one hand, why would she expect him not to do his own laundry? On the other, how many celebrities definitely pass the job off to someone else? Either way, Estes raises a fair point: We all wish someone else would do the chore for us.

Will Estes Shares First ‘Starstruck’ Experience

Since the “Blue Bloods” star has been premiering in shows and movies since he was barely 10 years old, he’s met his fair share of celebrities. Previously, he shared with Channel Guide Magazine, “I have seen a lot of people and even worked with a few great ones.”

But that doesn’t mean he won’t freak out when he meets his celebrity icon or role model in the flesh.

“I was a young kid and I can’t remember why I was there — if one of my parents was meeting with someone on the set of ‘Family Ties,'” Estes said. “No one asked him to, and I was told to be quiet, and Michael J. Fox asked who I was. And unprovoked, he took a Polaroid with me and signed it. The way he did it was so classy.”

Today, few celebrities would take the time to stop for a picture with a random kid hanging around a set. Especially someone as top-tier as Michael J. Fox.

When Will ‘Blue Bloods’ Be Back?

Fans will see their favorite New York cop family back on-screen on Oct. 1. “Blue Bloods”‘ official Twitter page dropped the Season 12 premiere date two days ago on July 12.

“We’re gathering around the dinner table again!” the crime show tweeted. “The new season of #BlueBloods premieres October 1st.”