‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Explained What Made Him Join the Show

by Clayton Edwards

Blue Bloods is a different kind of cop show. Instead of being a procedural like NCIS or CSI, it is a character-driven drama. The writing pulls viewers in and invites them to ride along with the Reagan family. At the same time, the series’ cast is strong. So, every moment of the action and drama is believable. These differences make the show stand out. They are also the key things that draw in viewers every week. However, it isn’t just the viewers that enjoy the fresh take on the police drama formula. Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan, loves those things about the show as well.

Will Estes has been on Blue Bloods since the beginning of the show. Now, they have been at it for eleven seasons. Jamie and the rest of the Reagan clan have seen some highs, lows, and personal growth since the series first started. Estes’ character has even climbed the ranks of the NYPD. He has also learned much about actual police work.

It’s hard to imagine turning down a show like Blue Bloods. However, it’s interesting to know just what drew Will Estes to the show. Back in 2017, Estes sat down with Taylor Magazine to talk about the show. During that interview, he opened up about what led him to take the role of Jamie Reagan.

Why Will Estes Joined the Blue Bloods Cast

Taylor Magazine wanted to know, what led Will Estes to take the role of Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods.

Estes said that they sent him the script during pilot season. About that he said, “It was probably my favorite script that I had read for a long time.” He went on to discuss how the people behind the show made him want to take it. Robin Green and Leonard Goldberg produce Blue Bloods. They were also part of the team behind the iconic mob series The Sopranos. So, Will Estes had a good idea that the show would be something special.

Green and Goldberg created a show about mob-connected anti-heroes with The Sopranos. So, when they decided to do a show about actual heroes, Will Estes was definitely interested. At the same time, the realness and flaws of the characters drew him in. In the end, Estes said, “…it was just a fantastic script. It all starts with the writing and the story. When the story is good everybody wants to be on board.”