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‘Blue Bloods’: Will Joe Hill Make More Appearances on the Show?

by Amy Myers
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Is it too early to say we already miss Joe Hill? Well, we do. The Blue Bloods guest just appeared on last week’s episode and we’re already awaiting his return. As Frank Reagan’s estranged grandson, Hill provides a sort of complexity to the law enforcement family that challenge’s the group’s dynamic as well as his own lone-wolf mentality.

This past week, we saw just how much of an internal struggle the character faces when he comes in contact with his late father’s side of the family. Even after he became a victim of an assault, the fellow cop was hesitant to lean on his family ties for help. While this demonstrated his strong sense of independence, it also seemed to be a snub towards the rest of the Blue Bloods crew. In the end, Frank Reagan’s kindness won the stubborn cop over, who then asked for a spot at the next family dinner.

With his relationship with the Blue Bloods family intact, there’s a possibility we may see more appearances of Hill in the future. While nothing is certain quite yet, the producers previously told Matt & Jess that they “love having the Joe character around.” However, in order to keep a balance with the rest of the storylines, they’ll likely be focusing more on some of the more regular characters in the near future.

For us Hill fans, that means we’ll likely have to wait yet another season (or at least a finale) before the Blue Bloods’ favorite returns. Of course, that will also mean more family drama and, hopefully, a heartwarming Sunday night supper.

Why ‘Blue Bloods’ Character Joe Hill Struggles to Connect with the Rest of His Family

When Hill first made his appearance in the Season 10 finale, Blue Bloods fans took a collective gasp. At the time, no one in the family knew that the late Joe Reagan had a son in the police force, let alone had a kid at all. While Hill didn’t necessarily write off the Reagans, he wasn’t warm and fuzzy with them at the start.

Ultimately, this comes from the young cop’s many years of standing on his own two feet. And when someone like Hill meets an intimidating crew of law enforcement professionals like the Reagans, there’s bound to be some clashing.

Though Hill kept the door open to a relationship with the Blue Bloods family, that didn’t mean that his internal struggles disappeared. During last week’s episode, Hill made it clear to his grandfather (and superior) Frank Reagan that he didn’t want any special treatment. But at the same time, he wanted the leniency to deal with the assault on his own. Thankfully, Frank seemed to pinpoint exactly what it was that Hill was after – and that was his late dad’s approval.

Before inviting him to the next family dinner, the Blue Bloods patriarch handed him a photo of his father as a reminder of how proud he would be of him.