‘Blue Bloods’: Will New Character Joe Hill Be a Full-Time Cast Member in Season 12?

by Clayton Edwards

Blue Bloods is moving into its twelfth season later this year. So, it’s not a surprise to see the cast grow a little. After all, they have to keep things fresh. A great way of doing that is by adding a new character to the mix. This is especially true if it is a character like Joe Hill.

Joe Hill has only been in six episodes of Blue Bloods. He made his first appearance at the end of the tenth season. Then, he appeared in a handful of episodes over the most recent season. Even though he hasn’t had much time on the screen, fans and cast members alike agree that Hill is a great addition to the Reagan family. In fact, Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan, said that he loves the character and what he brings to the series.

Now, many fans are wondering if Joe Hill will be a permanent addition to the Blue Bloods cast or if he will be written out in the upcoming season.

Will Joe Hill Be a Permanent Blue Bloods Character?

Blue Bloods showrunner Kevin Wade answered that question during an interview with TV Insider. He did the interview to talk about the season 11 finale as well as the future of the show. TV Insider couldn’t help but ask about Joe Hill’s future. They wanted to know if Hill would be around full-time.

 Unfortunately, Kevin Wade said that Hill probably wouldn’t be a full-time character. However, Wade said they planned to keep Hill on Blue Bloods. About that, he said, “We’d like to be able to weave him in and out of stories. He obviously has great chemistry and connection to our cast.” He went on to say that he believes that the audience likes seeing Joe Hill interact with the Reagans because it brings a “Fresh relationship with the characters that [fans] have been with for 11 years.”

On the other hand, there’s still a chance that Joe Hill will become a more permanent fixture on Blue Bloods. There are a couple of things in that same interview that point to that possibility.

For one, things haven’t gone according to plan with Joe Hill since they introduced him to the Blue Bloods audience. They planned to write him out of the series at the end of season 10. However, they had to pause production for COVID. So, when they returned for season 11, they brought him back.

Finally, Kevin Wade said that they played with the idea of killing Joe Hill off in the Blue Bloods season 11 finale. However, they decided that they would rather keep him on the show and grow the character. Furthermore, about the actor behind Joe Hill, Wade said that they, “… really like Will Hochman and certainly didn’t want to kill off that particular golden goose.”

In short, Blue Bloods fans can expect more of Joe Hill. How often he is on the show, though, remains to be seen.