‘Blue Bloods’: Will Season 12 Feature a Two-Part Format?

by Megan Molseed

The Reagan family of police officers and law enforcement officials is gearing up for its return to CBS’s primetime lineup. Season 12 of the hit series, “Blue Bloods” will be returning to the small screen this fall.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for the return of the hit series. And with the October premiere date of “Blue Bloods” recently announced, the anticipation only keeps growing.

So far, the “Blue Bloods” cast and production crew have stayed fairly silent regarding what sort of storylines we can expect for the Reagan clan as the new season gets underway. However, there are so many storylines we really would like to see come into play in season 12.

The Two-Part ‘Blue Bloods’ Was a Hit!

Some recent some fans are hoping to see more two-part episodes in season twelve, as noted by TV Commentary by Matt and Jess Carter.

Season eleven ended with a two-hour, two-part finale. This format really seemed to work well with “Blue Bloods” fans. After the episode aired, “Blue Bloods” watchers gave quite a bit of positive feedback to the two-part format.

One aspect of this unique two-hour storyline that fans seemed to enjoy was that it gave us more moments to witness the Reagan family work with each other in the field. While each episode of the hit drama does give us the famous “Blue Bloods” dinner scenes, fans always want to see more of the Reagan clan interacting in their daily lives.

However, while producers have taken note of how well the two-part finale was received, there is likely only a slight chance we may see a few more of these two-parter episodes. Chances are, this unique format won’t be taking over the series.

Two-Parters Don’t Usually Work in Syndication

“Blue Bloods” has not only found popularity in primetime but it is also a hit over syndication. While the prime-time shows work well as two-parters, the format is not favorite format in the syndication. Stand-alone episodes tend to do better there.

It is most likely that was “Blue Bloods” develop another two-parter it would likely be in the form of another season finale. Rather than seeing more than two-parters, fans will probably be seeing more “Blue Bloods” guest characters throughout as season. This will give the show regular continuing storylines while also keeping the episodes in a workable stand-alone format.

The multi-generational police procedural drama features Tom Selleck as New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. The series also includes Donnie Wahlberg as Frank’s older son, New York Police Detective Danny Reagan. Will Estes portrays the younger Reagan son, and New York Sergeant Jamie Reagan. Bridget Moynahan portrays Erin the sister to Danny and Jamie. Erin serves as the New York City Assistant District Attorney.

Some younger members of the Reagan clan are expected to return to “Blue Bloods” in season twelve. Danny Reagan’s youngest son, Sean (Andrew Terraciano) will continue to participate in the regular “Blue Bloods” family dinners.

Of course, fans are really hoping to see Erin’s daughter Nicky, who is played by Sami Gayle, and Danny’s older son, Jack, played by Tony Terraciano return to “Blue Bloods” in season twelve. As season eleven wrapped, Jack was away at college, and Nicky had taken off to San Francisco.