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‘Blue Bloods’ Wishes Jamie Reagan Actor Will Estes a Happy Birthday

by Jennifer Shea
Bobby Bank/WireImage

“Blue Bloods” star Will Estes turns 43 today, and “Blue Bloods” is celebrating the actor on social media with a tweet about his special day.

“Happy Birthday, Will Estes!,” the show’s official Twitter account tweeted Thursday.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Enjoys Grappling with Moral Ambiguity

Estes’s character, Jamie Reagan, is book smart and has a strong moral compass. But the world around him doesn’t always comport with textbook scenarios. Estes really enjoys the scripts that put Jamie into situations that test him, he told Nerds of Color last month.

“I like the gray areas. Jamie is a good person with a strong moral core, but the world is not black and white,” Estes said. “A lot of discretion is left up to the officer in our justice system, for better or worse… but these are parts of the show that can become very real. They can be relevant because they shine light on parts of us or our society that are difficult to look at. There are limitations on police officers and on people in terms of what they can do to help.”

“So I like seeing Jamie in challenging situations,” Estes added. “He’s driven to ‘get it right’ but sometimes that’s just not possible.”

Estes Says Sometimes the Final Product Surprises Him

Estes is never sure what to expect after he’s played a scene. Sometimes he thinks he hit it out of the park, only to discover that his performance fell short of his vision for the scene. Other times he sees a performance he wrote off turn out surprisingly well in the finished episode.

“The complicated scenes are probably the hardest,” Estes said. “Some of the scenes that I thought I executed poorly, that I didn’t like shooting at all and that ‘didn’t go well,’ ended up being my best work when I saw the final product. And conversely, when I’ve liked something I got to do a lot going in, it ended up not being quite what I thought it was going to be.”

The moral of the story? Don’t get too cocky about the way a scene is going to play out.

“Funny how that works,” Estes mused. “Be careful about liking or hating anything too much.”

And now, with Season 12 well underway, there will be plenty of difficult situations for Jamie to grapple with. He’s navigating a new marriage to his former partner (Vanessa Ray) and a promotion, not to mention the always-complex family dynamics around the Reagan family dinner table. “Blue Bloods” fans, don’t forget to tune in Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.