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Full House’s Bob Saget Smokes Cigar While Listening to Explicit Song After ‘Bad Day’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Danny Tanner who? On Wednesday, Bob Saget got raunchy after the former “Full House” patriarch posted a Tik Tok clip of himself smoking a cigar while lip-synching to Kevin Gates’ explicit song, “Me Too.” 

The provocative post had fans scratching their heads trying to remember which episode of “Full House” this clip appeared on. 

Bob Saget Shows Serious Side On New Podcast

In addition to keeping up his active social media accounts, the actor and comedian also hosts his podcast, Bob Saget’s Here for You. Saget tries to have both light and serious conversations with his peers and his listeners.

Since the podcast launched in April, celebrity guests such as Judd Apatow, Jay Pharoah, Jeff Garlin, and Jon Hamm have made appearances. While there are plenty of laughs to go around, the conversations are often serious in nature.

In one episode, Saget and Regina Hall chatted about the importance of compassion and empathy during the pandemic. 

There’s also a phone number listed for the pod—562-600-0343—that Saget encourages people to call and leave messages that he regularly includes in the program. That approach produced an episode when he had conversations with people whose lives have been deeply affected by COVID-19.

“This was something that came right before the pandemic. I was only able to do two episodes in studio,” Saget said in an interview.

“It was simply done because I was out doing stand-up, traveling North America, and feeling all the dissension and pain and hatred and rhetoric that had been coming out for the last three years, or four, or more,” he added. 

Saget is no stranger to publicly airing out his political grievances. On Twitter, he actively shares his thoughts on the country’s political climate. 

“But it really came to a boiling point. I just wanted to make people laugh and make them feel better. My fan base, or whatever you would call it—my base, I’m running for office—they feel soothed by me. It’s nice. That was the purpose of it.