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‘Bonanza’: John McIntire’s Wife and Son Joined Him in One Episode

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Barry James Gilmour/Fairfax Media via Getty Images).

Talk about a bonanza! The eighth episode of Bonanza is just that, as it features quite a special cast.

The producers of the TV Western series were able to wrangle up some very special actors. John McIntire brought his wife and son on set for the episode entitled “Old Charlie.”

McIntire is best known for his character on Wagon-Train. However, when offered the role of trail master Chris Hale, the actor was more than ready to play the character. He led the trail until the series ended in 1965. Quickly after, he joined the cast of The Virginian.

John McIntire Rounds Up The Whole Family

John McIntire and his wife Jeanette Nolan married early in their careers and took on many different roles. From Charlie’s Angels to Psycho, they both played a part in the productions.

However, their most sincere and onscreen relationship was during “Old Charlie.” The episode was truly an “aww” moment between the two. McIntire and Nolan had been married for over three decades when she took the role. Nolan also played McIntire’s wife onscreen.

“Old Charlie” portrays the couple as Charlie and Annie Conners. This time they brought their son into the excitement. Tim McIntire, who was 22 years old during filming, was cast as a bad guy who had to point a knife in his father’s face.

However, justice prevails when Tim McIntire’s character, Billy Barker, falls on the blade he held to his father’s face, resulting in bad guy Barker’s death.

The Family After Their Time On “Bonanza”

Tim’s success didn’t end there. He continued to work a handful of times with his parents. This includes his role in The Virginian. However, the star made his way out of the TV Western genre and starred in a 1978 film American Hot Wax. In his role, he portrays the legendary disc jockey, Alan Freed.

Unfortunately, Tim passed away before his parents. He died in 1986 from heart failure.

John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan were once again handed the role of being a couple in The Virginian, which gave Tim the opportunity to work on set with his parents more before stepping out on his own. The whole family was granted a very special opportunity to be together, both on and offset.