‘Bonanza’ Star Dan Blocker’s Early TV Appearance Was as a ‘Goon’ in a Three Stooges Skit: VIDEO

by John Jamison

Everyone has to start somewhere. And for “Bonanza” star Dan Blocker, that somewhere was a speechless monster in a 1957 Three Stooges skit called “Outer Space Jitters.”

Dan Blocker was a tower of a man. The Hoss Cartwright actor stood 6’4″ and weighed close to 300 pounds. Because of his size, it’s no wonder the Stooges found a place for him as a zombie-like monster from Venus in their skit.

In the skit, the Stooges find themselves face to face with Blocker’s zombie after he’s brought to life by Professor Jones. As a result, Blocker and his monstrous makeup startle the rest of the cast at every turn. He does everything from breathing down Moe’s neck to scaring off an armed Venusian guard.

Some of the skit’s highlights can be watched below.

Blocker’s character in “Outer Space Jitters” is a far cry from the beloved Hoss Cartwright on “Bonanza.” But the talented actor looked like he was having fun with his opportunity.

‘Bonanza’ Star Dan Blocker’s Name Was Spelled Incorrectly in Credits

Just two years prior to his starring role on “Bonanza,” Dan Blocker was doing bit parts like the zombie in “Outer Space Jitters.” His character doesn’t actually say anything in the skit. But the least they could do is get Dan’s name right in the credits.

It’s a subtle mistake, but the show misbilled Dan as “Don” Blocker. For an aspiring actor looking for roles, a mistake like that is less than ideal.

Dan Blocker Used Size to His Advantage

Dan Blocker was a big guy his whole life, and he clearly took full advantage of it. At one point, Dan’s father even warned him about what that meant.

“Son, the rate you’re growing you’re going to be one helluva big fella. If you use your size and strength properly it can be a wonderful thing for you. If you don’t, Heaven help you. One day you’ll start pushing some little guy around and he’ll pull a gun and blow your brains out,” his father said.

Blocker himself recognized the value of his size, however. He once said, “If I had been a little guy I’d probably still be teaching school in Carlsbad, New Mexico.”