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‘Bonanza’ Star Michael Landon Once Covered ‘Entire Backyard in Strawberry Quik’ for His ‘Yellowstone’ Actress Daughter

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

“Yellowstone” star Jennifer Landon didn’t have a lot of time with her father Michael Landon. But he made every moment count and each day an adventure. For instance, Landon once filled the backyard in strawberry Quik for his daughter’s delight and amusement.

Jennifer had only been four or five years old at the time. Usually, her parents didn’t allow her to drink the strawberry flavored milk even though it was her favorite. But during one trip to Colorado, Landon decided to make things magical for her. He transformed the backyard into a pink wonderland.

Landon had filled the yard, which had fresh snow, in her favorite drink powder. The actor woke his daughter up in the middle of the night and told her to get dressed.

“I loved strawberry-flavored milk,” she explained in a recent interview, “but we were really not allowed to drink it at home. To my delight, my dad had covered the entire backyard in (Nestlé) strawberry Quik. He brought out spoons and let me run around eating as much strawberry snow as I could. That’s only one of the many, many awesome memories I have of him. He loved to create an adventure for us kids.”

Jennifer Remembers Michael Landon

Jennifer was only around 7-years-old when her father passed. Landon developed pancreatic cancer, which ultimately killed him. Even when he was sick, Landon tried to connect with his youngest children. They would interact through games that the actor had made.

“My dad used to play a game with us on the beach where we’d lie in the sand just at the edge of the ocean, facing away from the water on our stomachs. The rules of the game were to not look at the breaking waves,” Jennifer said. “But you could hear them coming in, and you never knew whether they’d break on you and wash over you. The suspense was crazy! But it was exhilarating because you didn’t know what was going to happen – you just had to be brave and wait it out and see.”

Jennifer cherishes the memories and time that she did spend with Landon. She wishes sometimes that she could ask him questions and get his advice.

“I would love to have a conversation with my dad and ask him that,” Jennifer said. “It’s sad that I can’t, but the short time we had with him was a true gift, and we’ll have these special memories forever.