‘Bonanza’: Watch Lorne Greene Express Desire to End Show in 1967

by Keeli Parkey

During a 1967 interview, Lorne Greene shared his thoughts about the future of his popular television show “Bonanza.” The show debuted in 1959. And, eight years later, the Canadian actor was just about ready for the show to air its final episode.

He shared these feelings during an interview with Bobbie Wygant in 1967. The interview took place after Lorne Greene had completed the eighth season on “Bonanza.”

“Do you hope that ‘Bonanza’ might go on for at least another eight?” Wygant asked Greene. He then starts his response with a chuckle.

“No, I don’t,” he said. “I must be very frank. I think that when you have a long run (on television) on any kind of show you get to the point where there are other things that you feel that you must do before it’s too late to do any of the things that you have in mind.”

At the time – and luckily for fans of “Bonanza” – Lorne Greene said the show was still contractually obligated to produce a few more years of television shows.

“Certainly, we have another four years to go on our contract with NBC and I would be very happy to fulfill those four years, certainly,” the “Bonanza” star said.

“Bonanza” did not last another eight years after this interview, but it came close. The show stayed on the air until 1973, according to IMDb.com.

In addition to talking about the future of “Bonanza,” Bobbie Wygant asked Lorne Greene what he would be interested in doing in the future during that 1967 interview.

“I would like to lie in bed until 9 o’clock every morning,” the actor said with a laugh. “I get up a quarter to 6 every morning. Sometimes it gets a little tough when you’re out until 4 in the morning and you have to get up two hours later. …”

Greene also said in that 1967 interview that he hoped to act in movies and on the stage.

“There is a musical comedy that I would like to do,” he added. “I would like to have the experience of that.”

Loren Greene Also Shared Thoughts About His Character’s Development on ‘Bonanza’ With Bobbie Wygant

Bobbie Wygant also asked Lorne Greene about his character’s development on “Bonanza” during the interview.

“Has Ben Cartwright changed any since 1959?” she asked.

“Oh dear, yes he has,” Greene answered. “He’s eight years older in some ways, and a lot older in other ways in experience. And, much younger in other ways.”

Greene also answered that question in reference to how he – not the famous character he played – felt in real life.

“I feel much younger,” he also said. “I know that I’m older and I’m much older in experience.”

You can watch Lorne Greene talk about “Bonanza” with Bobby Wygant below.