‘Bosch’ Actor Titus Welliver Taking on Additional Role on IMDBtv Spin-Off

by Matthew Wilson

“Bosch” series lead actor Titus Welliver is preparing to continue the adventures of his iconic character Harry Bosch. But he’s also taking more responsibility as well. With the upcoming untitled spinoff, Welliver is taking on an increased role behind the camera.

Welliver will executive produce the show as well as continue starring in it. It’s been a strange experience for the actor to both film a final season of “Bosch” while looking forward to the spinoff. Only three original characters will be making the jump from the show to its sequel, at least as of right now. That includes Welliver himself and actors Madison Lintz and Mimi Rogers.

“With the new show, Madison Lintz, Mimi Rogers, and myself are the only existing characters from the original ‘Bosch’,” Welliver told Variety. “I hesitate to say the word ‘spinoff’ because it’s not really a spinoff —  it’s a continuation of the Harry Bosch saga. He’s still the same guy, just in a different place in his life. Maddie and Harry’s relationship really evolved into being very much at the forefront. The pulse and the heart of the show, so it makes perfect sense in the evolution of the narrative.”

‘Bosch’ Spinoff Takes Step Forward

The “Bosch” spin-off is exploring the next chapter in Harry Bosch’s life. Taking a cue from the popular book series, “Bosch” ends its final season with the detective quitting the LAPD. While some may explore an early retirement, Bosch decides to become a private detective instead. The spin-off will pick up with that and feature a more unhinged Harry Bosch as well.

Welliver said the development was the perfect starting place for a spinoff. The actor looks forward to a new dynamic and exploring different shades of a character he’s already portrayed for seven years.

“I read all the books, some of them multiple times, and something that I’ve always said to Mike Connelly is that there’s something [special] about the books when Harry leaves the force,” Welliver said. “He’s older, there’s a different kind of vulnerability. He’s not part of the police organization anymore. And the thing about Harry Bosch is that the more vulnerable you make him. The more you push him into a corner, where there’s danger, he becomes more dangerous. The idea of that is very appealing to me.”

One of those new storylines will be pushing Bosch’s relationship with his daughter to the forefront of the show. That dynamic will take the spotlight.

“The purest part of his evolution over the course of seven seasons has been his relationship with his daughter and how he has been forced to try to evolve because he has a daughter who is not unlike him, who’s stubborn and opinionated, but who also has a really strong moral compass,” he said.