‘Bosch’ Actor Titus Welliver Basks in Sunlight as He Teases Fans with New Selfie

by Jonathan Howard

There still isn’t a release date for the new IMDBtv Bosch series. While the show came to an end on Amazon, Titus Welliver is appearing as Bosch once again. With that in mind, Welliver teased fans with an on-set selfie. The end of the original series left viewers hanging on a cliff.

Long story short, Bosch is moving on to a life as a private investigator. Perhaps working in the system without working fully in the system is the way Bosch will live out his life now. His daughter, if the story is 100% continued from the Amazon series, could be on the LAPD. However, Welliver is basking in the light for now.

Just a simple message to fans in the caption, “Harry Bosch, private eye…” He looks rather inconspicuous in a black ball cap and a jean jacket. There is no telling what is next for Bosch. Los Angeles is a city with a lot of problems. With more complex relationships, the show could go in a lot of different directions. Viewers are going to have a ton of fun with the new series.

It was nice to see that Welliver decided to respond to fans in the replies to his tweet. Answering questions about the release date, other series, and more.

‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Answers on Twitter

One viewer, Ginger, asked the Bosch star when the show will continue on IMDB. The actor replied, “Don’t have a date,” and didn’t stop replying to fans there. Ever since the announcement for the new series was made, fans have been dying to see more of Harry Bosch. With such a great fanbase, the show should be able to repeat success.

Another viewer asked a non-Bosch-related question. “Hey, you gonna make an appearance in the upcoming Lincoln Lawyer series on Netflix?” Welliver has many fans for many reasons. The new series isn’t the only thing they would like to see him in. However, for Lincoln Lawyer fans, there will be no Welliver. “I can’t, rights issues,” the actor replied. So, no Lincoln Lawyer for the Bosch star, but at least more Bosch, right?

There was a bit of great information given in the replies though. Fans of the book series will enjoy this reply. Titus Welliver revealed the vehicle that Harry Bosch will be driving in the series.

One fan asked, “What’s your ride going to be? In the first book, weren’t you driving a Mercedes?” To which the actor replied, “Driving his old Jeep.” That’s a detail that diehard fans are going to love, after all, there is an aesthetic to Bosch. The new series is coming, although no one knows when. But, fans and the main star are excited.